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Multiple Steam accounts

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Multiple Steam accounts

I'd like to use this software to multibox a certain game on steam , my question is am i able to run multiple steam accounts if yes , then how do i do it ?


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Re: Multiple Steam accounts

You would add Steam as the game's launcher, since it's the program used to launch the game. However, if Steam needs to stay open for your game to function, then it's unlikely that what you want is going to work unless you're using multiple machines.


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Re: Multiple Steam accounts

p.s. Innerspace usually autodetects Steam as a game/game profile these days if it is installed.


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Re: Multiple Steam accounts

has there been any changes regarding support for multiple steam instances running on the same PC ?

I tried to multi box Wolcen, it's only available on Steam..

* starting steam instance A with account A
game launches fine, I can even launch the .exe multiple times without any tools / adjustments

I tried launching one game instance, then logging off steam and log on with the other,

this won't help though, because there's only online multiplayer,
and the moment it does connect, it checks for active account running, and then also periodically while ingame.

so at 'best' it only works for a few minutes (if at all) because then the game checks again, and if the old instance/account is no longer there, it crashes/disconnects..

"dual boxing" Wolcen only works for me using sandboxie which just recently changed to open source btw (good fps for both instances)
or the new development version of VMWare Workstation/Player that also enables DX10/11 games to run (which wolcen needs) for example (but terrible fps for the VM client, like always ~30-40)

this way I miss the good keyboard/mouse broadcasting ISBoxer/innerpace has,
which makes it practically impossible to do anything else than just trade items between 2 chars..

so for Wolcen, it really seems I need the 2 steam instances with each account up and running all the time..

any way to force isboxer/innerspace to do that?

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