Post Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:03 am

New to multiboxing and over engineering a solution!

Posting mainly because my google search didn't return anything that helped me out and to have share for some laughs!

So I've been rolling on WoW Classic a chill duo setup of a Rogue and a Druid, enjoying the hell out of it but noticed that the rogue would never get an opener off and never pickpocket even if I was controlling it.
I concluded that it was due to the Auto-Interact being sent to all windows and departed in an attempt to remedy this.

Figured I could make a solution similar to turning broadcasting on and from there figure how to make it activate when I was handling the rogue.

Made sense of how buttons are made, how to change the layout of buttons shown and changing the virtual key maps on and off (mainly by understanding the already available Repeaters) and made a toggle for it! It worked as intended.

Then I did a couple of google search on how to essentially make it activate when on the rogue. After reading a few short posts it struck me. It was far simpler than anything I had through.

I went to the ' Interact with Target' on my 'ISB42 - Base Hotkeys' went into the Steps and on the first one changed the Target to 'Windows: All w/o Current'. Boom. Done. Simple as that... or so I thought

Must have made a mistake somewhere and now strobe follow seems to be broken and after checking further interact appears to have the 'Windows: All w/o Current' built in, the investigation continues!

With better understanding of the situation, I went and correctly assigned different virtual mapped keys to interact and auto interact while going into the auto interact and changing the above setting on the 3rd step there and presto!

At the very least I learned how to use ISBoxer a little bit better :D

PS the strobe was broken because I messed around with Dynamic Boxer :lol: