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Retain keymap - three states

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:24 pm
by fpsware
I'm trying to achieve similar functionality as MiRai has done in one of his videos (which I can't find right now) where his broadcast menu graphic and his vehicle menu graphic retain the correct states when toggled.

I'm using the Pro system, my Druids has 3 possible keymaps which I can toggle between:

Single target keymap
AoE keymap
Healing keymap

I switch between ST and AoE keymaps using a simple ISboxer Button with a mouseover toggle. This works perfectly. But the moment I throw in healing it turns to poo.

Healing works similarly to the rotation toggle button. I use an isboxer button positioned over each unit frame. When you mouse over it changes the Druids keymap to Healing, mouse off and it restores the keymap. The problem is its currently restore the keymap to Single target, thats fine IF I was using the Single target keymap before I need to heal. But when I'm using AoE keymap its a problem.

I need to identify which DPS keymap I'm using (Single target or AoE) and restore to that one after healing.

Re: Retain keymap - three states

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:41 pm
by MiRai
Without seeing your profile, I don't know how you're approaching it, but if I'm thinking of the video/part of my profile that I think you're referring to (when using me as an example), those are Menu buttons that are tied to "Do Mapped Key" Actions that are each triggered by me holding down a different modifier key before clicking on them (using "...only Do if...").

Two-state toggles are easy because it's either 1 or 0, but once you begin adding in more, every single state needs to account for every other state that's not enabled, assuming you want to properly toggle between any of them at any given time.

Re: Retain keymap - three states

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:20 pm
by bob
I was thinking you could use Action Target Groups, and leave/join as appropriate. then the actions to reload the key maps later could just target atg's and any members of the atgs would behave appropriately.
Or, if you had a generic ReLoad Combat KeyMap mapped key, which in turn was virtualized to some other mapped keys which each loaded specific key maps, and then when you hover over your single/aoe buttons it sets that virtualization up, so then after you unload the healing, you call the generic Reload, then it would then end up running the appropriate mapped key to load the last key map which was virtualized.

Depends on lot on your three key maps and how they are actually used and whether they are also part of virtualization chains, or if they are separate and distinct key maps (a really easy method to determine the latter is you have set Hotkeys in them).

All a bit of guesswork without seeing the structure of your profile.

Re: Retain keymap - three states

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:42 pm
by fpsware
This has been resolved.

I made a new keymap with 3 steps. (default is step 2)
Step 1. Blank
Step 2. Do Normal Rotation
Step 3. Do AoE Rotation

Mouseover a unit frame = subtract 1 step. Upon leaving unit frame do mapped key action on this keymap. This loads the keymap where it was regardless of being on step 3 (AoE DPS) or step 2 (normal DPS).

It works well.