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[WOW] Another newb question about setting up a macro.

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[WOW] Another newb question about setting up a macro.

First, I do not want to look like I do not read the wiki or anything, just that my mind is NOT in a writing or programming mode, it is disengaged until next week when school starts. Going into Wind Energy and learning about Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic systems, OSHA Safety Regulations, and construction techniques is a lot to take in. At the age of 46 (44 when I started), it is not easy. :) One point to make. Please do not ask about Windmills, I know nothing about Windmills, I will be working on Wind Turbines. Windmills convert wind into mechanical energy, Wind Turbines convert wind into electrical energy.

So, I think this is possible, but, I would like details on how to set it up and and suggestions that I might overlook.

Have two toons, 85th DK and a 80th Hunter. One Melee, one Ranged. The main character I will run is my Hunter. I would like to have my Hunter initiate the fight, and have my DK run up and start fighting. Maybe have a couple of DK Spells fire off also. Both do NOT need to share quests since the DK has already did them before.

I am thinking that the hotkeys for the action bar is key for me getting my DK to fire off spells. My hunter has only three keys there with the rest blank. (I use my mouse more then hot keys when I play) So rearranging the hot keys for the DK is not a problem.

Thanks folks.

BTW, is JAMBA needed?
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Re: [WOW] Another newb question about setting up a macro.

Jamba is very nice, and highly recommended.
You can get by without it, with the highly accurate mouse broadcasting of IS Boxer.

I'd go with it, but nothing is "needed", it's just an option that makes a lot of boxing mechanics easier.

I don't know much about hunters.
If you can macro, them on a single castsequence or two alternating keys (which are called by spamming a single key), that is the way to go.
Even if that is not the case, and you need say five keys, you can go that route too.
Mercurio's two-step macros: http://www.dual-boxing.com/showthread.php?t=32633

For the DK, I'd go Frost.
Here is a reference point: http://www.dual-boxing.com/showthread.php?t=37658
You would ideally set it so you spam a single key and it mashes several keys.
If you hunter needs seven keys to be played effectively, make seven copies of that one mashable key.
Each with the same hotkey as the hunter key, so no matter what the hunter presses the DK receives the instructions for the mashing key.

You have a couple of options, in regards to Interact With Target.

The wizard gave a default option, that is based around a two-step approach.
It enables Click to Move, sends IWT, and disables CTM.

If you go with the wizard option, you'll have to manually push your IWT/CTM mapped key often.

I prefer to imbed my IWT within the DPS spam, for melee toons only.
So casters/ranged dps, my healer etc, don't get IWT spam, but the melee does.
To do this, you need to delete (or modify) the wizard generated IWT key -- so that is never disables your Click to Move.
You need CTM to be on all the time, at least for the melee toons.
My IWT is imbedded within my DPS, via a few mapped keys.
Explained here: http://www.dual-boxing.com/showpost.php ... ostcount=3
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Re: [WOW] Another newb question about setting up a macro.

Thanks so much for your help. Playing with this now for a week and I am getting the hang of it. You pointed me in the right direction and I was able to figure out and understaqnd this program much better. Thank you so much. :D

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