Post Sun May 19, 2019 1:03 pm

dgVoodoo2 for Anarchy Online? Anyone got it working?

Anyone gotten dgVoodoo2 for AnarchyOnline working? I tried, and it can stay at character select forever. However, the moment you try to log in it starts loading, you start to hear in-game music, and then insta-crash. My theory is that some in-game lighting/aliasing/setting of some sort that isn't being used at character select is incompatible and crashes immediately once you try to log in.

I'm trying to go this route as the New BETA Engine is pretty much unsupported by Funcom and it's hella unstable with low-texture bugs (always on low-textures no matter what I do!).

Has anyone gotten dgVoodoo, or any other wrapper for Dx7, to work? Has anyone found a "workaround" to their New Engine crashes and/or low-texture bug? I've tried everything at this point :(!