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HOWTO: Multibox Spiral Knights with ISBoxer

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HOWTO: Multibox Spiral Knights with ISBoxer

Okay, this game is moderately special as far as multiboxing it goes.

Adding the game to Inner Space (for ISBoxer to use) currently requires an additional step. Here's how to add it:
1. Right click Inner Space and select Add Game
2. Drag the Spiral Knights desktop shortcut into the Add Game window
3. The Parameters box should say this by default "-jar getdown-pro.jar .". You MUST change this. Get the path to your Spiral Knights installation, for example mine is D:\Games\Spiral Knight. You will need to paste this into the Parameters box so that it looks like this, including these quotes: -jar "D:\Games\Spiral Knights\getdown-pro.jar" "D:\Games\Spiral Knights" -- I've colored my Spiral Knights folder path green, so replace those green parts with wherever yours is installed to.

Next up, you will need to know that because the game uses OpenGL rather than Direct3D for rendering (which is fine), Window Layouts are somewhat significantly impaired -- the game will not scale to the size of the window, so the standard "one large window and many small windows" layouts will not operate correctly. If you are just getting started trying this game with ISBoxer, it is recommended that you do not choose a Window Layout during the Quick Setup Wizard. If you do choose a Window Layout, you should match the size of the game windows to the game's configured resolution, and not use swapping behavior that causes the windows to shrink (because, again, the game will not scale the display to match the window, AND mouse broadcasting will fail). I may have more information about that to post later on.

Other than that, the game should pretty much work fine. To get started, first make sure Inner Space is on build 6030 and if you haven't re-started it recently since receiving that version, do that as well and let it patch any files because this game requires a small update to build 6030. Also update ISBoxer to 41.9.0919.1 or later via Help->About ISBoxer; this version adds Spiral Knights to the games list during the Quick Setup Wizard and adds a Virtual File to help you keep your separate account names filled in for login time. Once you're updated and have the game added, the usual Quick Start process should be it: http://isboxer.com/wiki/Quick_Start_Guide_41

The game seems to play like a basic Action RPG, so for gameplay tips the Diablo 3 guide may be somewhat relevant (D3 Quick Start Guide, Part 4: Gameplay as a multiboxer). Spiral Knights doesn't appear to have D3's "force stand still" feature though, so it will be moderately harder to keep your guys together if they naturally move apart during combat, etc.


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Re: HOWTO: Multibox Spiral Knights with ISBoxer

i need help i cant launch the game , everytime drops a message it says unable to access jarfile getdown-pro.jar


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Re: HOWTO: Multibox Spiral Knights with ISBoxer

did you do step 3 properly? it should be reporting the whole path.

For future viewers with the same issue as above, check this post.... viewtopic.php?p=45060#p45060
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