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[Vanguard] No free look

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[Vanguard] No free look


I started with the ISboxer to play the MMO Vanguard Saga of Heroes.
During my beginnings with the ISboxer is played the Main char on DIsplay1 and the other 2 characters on Display 2 without any problems.

After I felt a bit more confident in IS boxer, I tried the "window layouts" feature.
Unfortunately, from then on I could no longer control any of my characters with "free look". By this I mean holding down the left or right mouse button to look around completely free.

Unfortunately I can't find a solution to restore the "free look" function.

As soon as I quit ISboxer and Inner Space and restart Vanguard the problem is gone.
I am not sure if the cuase of the issue is the "window layouts".

Can anyone help me here?
Thank you!


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Re: [Vanguard] No free look

Generally referred to as Mouselook :)

I will have a look at Vanguard and see what's going on.

Which build number of Inner Space are you using? If you're on the newest build, you can try disabling "New Virtual Input" to see if that works around the issue with this game. To do so, right click IS and select Configuration, and it's a check box there. Click Apply after changing, then launch your Vanguard team and see if it works. Report back if that helped or not. Thanks for letting us know about the issue!


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Post Thu Sep 21, 2023 1:43 pm

Re: [Vanguard] No free look

Hi lax,

Thanks for the Help!

The fix to disable the "New Virtual Input" works! Thanks!
I use the Version 1.19 (Build 7208)


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