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Ryzom & 4k High DPI

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Ryzom & 4k High DPI


I have only recently started using ISBoxer and I must say the guides were very helpful and enabled me to set up Ryzom in the way I wanted it play it.

My main issues I am having are to do with Resolution (HighDPI Scaling) and a very large FPS drop.

I can play both my accounts in 2 x 4k windows at 100+ FPS at the same time. When I play in ISBoxer, I cant override my DPI scaling of 150% so always scales to 2560x1440, and my FPS drops down to 20-30.

I have looked about but cant seem to find if this issue can be solved. Any assistance would be muchly appreciated.

I have put my current profile into pastebin: https://pastebin.com/zLMFNUcf

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Re: Ryzom & 4k High DPI

There's a semi-related FAQ entry with an image that shows how to override DPI settings for use with ISBoxer. You'll likely have to apply that to all programs being used, and afterward recreate a brand new, non-existing Window Layout.

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