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[WoW] 5 mages facerolling FoS hc and PoS hc

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5 mages facerolling FoS hc and PoS hc

So, it's been 5 years since I made my first toon, a mage, and for 5 years she have been my main.
Always enjoyed doing "stupid mage tricks", my own and something what others had done.

At some point I wondered, what if I had like 5 mages..
Few months later I had 4 more mages @ 80 with average ilvl of 230+ and here are some of the results.

Long live ISBoxer \o/


Playing with myself 1 : Pit of Saron heroic

Playing with myself 2 : Forge of Souls heroic (Continuous shoot)


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Re: 5 mages facerolling FoS hc and PoS hc

No healers..
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