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DAOC bomb

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Post Wed Dec 31, 2014 4:21 am

DAOC bomb

Hi there,

I have been boxing on good old DAOC for the past 6 months, didn't record much of my wrecking, but I decide to put up this shot for shit and giggles.. Basicly, for thoose who do not know daoc, there is 3 realms, every night there is a zerg leader on each realm, whom every stick to, while running around trying to take the opposing realms keeps and what not.

Thats where I come in, setting up on bottleneck points inbetween the keeps, it would take me around 2 minutes to set up the bomb, with all my big timers being put to use ( Big trap bombs, group stealth from assassin, intellect buffs etc ) - and then just patience and a little bit of luck.


I did not use ISBoxer in this recording actually., I used to do HKN wayyy back when I started multiboxing DAOC. Its way less effective than ISBoxer, but for me, that game only works with HKN.

Oh well, I finally got banned 2 nights ago, after a total of 8-9.000 kills ( Game has around 4-500 people active in RvR/PvP at peaks )


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Re: DAOC bomb

that really sux you got banned.. Why'd you get banned? I thought boxing was legal?

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