Post Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:17 am

Diablo 3! More Crappy Loot!

So I'm new around here and just signed up for the trial the other day.

After messing around with the settings, I settled on this layout (similar to another post I saw on here).


I've learned pet builds work best in D3 since the game does all the work attacking for you. I just have to handle moving all three of my DH's around safely.

If I can quickly acquire two more M6 sets, I might post a video or something. I'm planning on a comp where my main switches to fire, I switch one of the DH to cold to proc BotT, and the other to lightning just to add extra cc. It might be great. Hopefully I will have become more adept at using this interface by then.

Thanks for letting me try this out.