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Blackout Bingo!

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Blackout Bingo!

Hey everyone,

This contest was really fun! :mrgreen:
All screenshots are from PoE.
Unfortunately in PoE there are some things you cannot do (no mounts, no flying, no fixed resources, etc.), but I did my best to comply with the contest requirements.
If something does not fit or I need to try again, let me know where and what to change and I'll do my best to find something else that's more relevant.
I had to delete some parts of the screenshots for personal reasons, hope it's ok. I still have the originals (uncensored) and can share them on PM if needed.

1. Social action - 4 girls around Silk, all talking with him about his adventures and he isn't that much interested in them.. weird..
2. Team corpses after dying - They've all got a last minute nasty flu..
3. Video of doing my favorite thing with my witches - killing Kole for some nice loot! And I've got what I was looking for! :D
4. Favorite thing to do - as said above, running from Kole and not getting pwned
5. City Town
6. Farming a resource - in PoE there's no place where a particular resource can drop. Therefore, you just need to find a spot for easy farming and respawning of mobs and get increase quantity prefix on your items + an increase quantity gem. In this place I've got most of my resources.
7. Mounts - I've tried getting on these fast wild Rhoa's, but they kept running around and I also had to split the gang when Mama-Rhoa got on the scene. :D
8. In a dungeon - I've woken up the dead with this contest..
9. Getting a level - woohoo!
10. Submit a link - I did submit a gameplay screenshot, hope it's enough!
11. Multiple classes - Witch, Ranger, Duelist & Shadow. Someone is not in a good mood.
12. Loot - Doing my favorite thing has its perks. Getting a very nice mid-game unique Maul!
13. Refered a friend - First time doing this.. He told me that he created an account and requested a trial. Is something else needed here?
14. Liked on FB - sent message with forum username
15. Multiple mobs, same time!
16. Posted on FB
17. My configuration - 2x monitors, one smaller, one bigger. Smaller is used for isboxer, browsing, gaming and bigger one for image & video editing or forums, streams, etc.
18. Active PvP - unfortunately the game is still Beta and PvP doesn't have so many features. It's as simple as you get: 1vs1 in a small room.
19. Flying - sort of.. does levitating count? :D I can try flying my 4 witches by jumping over this cliff.. but I've left my brooms at home.
20. Ridiculous - Wearing a dead goat's head to hold your hair; that's a looong nose; Napoleon came back from his journey; I'm not even sure if you can breathe through that helmet! The game doesn't have so many ridiculous outfits. You have to pay real money for some weapon or clothing effects..
21. Show off - It was a long road, but I've managed to get some nice loot and currency on the way! It's not much, but does the trick to keep me going. : )
22. Killing a dungeon boss - again, my favorite Boss, Kole, about to take his last breath
23. Nothing is more boring than standing in the ocean on a cold night.
24. I've done a post on the forums. Not sure what "legitimate" means..
25. Completing a quest.

As said, I think it should be a Blackout Bingo! : )



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Re: Blackout Bingo!

Interesting PoE screenshots!

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