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bingo entry

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bingo entry

hello im going for the bingo blackout hope i did it correctly. if not point out what i did wrong.

1. Screenshot of your team members doing a social action (e.g. dancing).
2. Screenshot of your team's corpses after dying.
3. Short video clip of you multiboxing or doing something multiboxing related using ISBoxer.
sorry about the shitty video quality. i tried i just dont know how to make a video first time lol

4. Screenshot of your favorite thing to do with your multiboxing team.
i love doing random scenario they are easy to finish and has gold rewards.
5. Screenshot of your team in a city/town setting.
6. Screenshot of farming a resource.
windwool cloth and mote of harmony farming here.
7. Screenshot of your team members on mounts.
8. Screenshot of your team in a dungeon setting.
9. Screenshot of a team member getting a level.
10. Submit an approved link (guide, video, stream, etc) to ISBoxer.com. For example, you can submit a screenshot here: http://www.isboxer.com/multiboxing/pictures/add
11. Screenshot of a team composed of multiple classes.
monk, shaman, mage
12. Screenshot of getting decent loot from a kill.
13. Refer a friend for a Free Trial of Inner Space.
i referred a friend. we tried to manage it well but it didnt show. or i dont know where i can see if we did it correctly. i did ask in the contest thread how and lax and Kaische replied how just not sure if we did it right. please reserver this entry until its verified that we did it right.
14. Like the ISBoxer Facebook page (free space if you already like the page). Send a message to ISBoxer with what your forum name is for Bingo verification.
sent isboxer facebook page forum name
15. Screenshot of your team fighting multiple mobs at the same time.
16. Make a post or comment on the ISBoxer Facebook page.
commented on the pic for the bingo contest
17. Picture of your multiboxing computer and/or monitor configuration.
configuration is single monitor layout on DISPLAY1 (swapping avoid taskbar)
18. Screenshot of your team involved in active PVP.
19. Screenshot of your team flying.
20. Screenshot of your team members in the most ridiculous outfits you can find.
becoming skeletons.. BONES~
21. Screenshot of something you want to show off or brag about your team.
22. Screenshot of your team killing a dungeon boss.
23. Screenshot of your team in the most boring place possible.
under the sea nothing here.
24. Make a legitimate post on the ISBoxer forums.
25. Screenshot of your team completing a quest.


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Re: bingo entry

Great screenshots, thank you!

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