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ISboxer & EVE Online

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ISboxer & EVE Online

After using ISBoxer just as a mouse repeater for about 12months I finally decided to have a dive into all of the features and wanted to share my success.

I currently involve myself in pve - either mission or incursions. While running missions I am currently using 3 Nightmares and cap chaining and spider tanking. My aim to come up with a solution to micro-manage the tanking...

The setup:


The spacing has been kept as a 4th client is finishing off some skills and will be added to the mix. The full-client video feeds also allow me to switch clients and the smaller HUD feeds also have mouse broadcast - just incase any modules turn off etc. The trickier bit was the spider tanking. I created a small ClickBox as below:


With a list of character names. Using a combination of broadcast history and watchlist I can specifically lock cap chain and the individual character taking damage while each button on the ClickBar allows me to unlock the specific client only if I'm suppose to.

eg. Client 2 is cap chaining with Client 3 and Client 3 is now under fire. Client 2 now reps and caps with Client 3. Client 3 is now 100% shield with no aggression. However Client 1 (and soon to be 4) will now need to un-lock Client 3 to make space. The ClickBar will remove the specific clients that don't want to remove Client 3, in this example Client 2 as he is cap chaining with him, however, still removes client 1 (and soon to be 4) will one click!

I'm very happy with the success and just wish my settings were a little bit easier to follow :D


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Re: ISboxer & EVE Online

First nice layout just a few questions about it. I use a similar setup with the main windows being full screen stacked then video FX feeds for the controls and the small full screen windows. You said you can use the full screen feeds you have to swap to??? How do you do this? I know how to control through them but not use them as if they were a swap window / or use a swap key to bring them to thee main window but then there is a blank temporarily and the normally main window is hidden.

My real question is your click bar. I would love to use something like what your describing for my spider tank fleets. Could you elaborate a little more on that and possible explain how you set it up?


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Re: ISboxer & EVE Online

You said you can use the full screen feeds you have to swap to??? How do you do this? I know how to control through them but not use them as if they were a swap window / or use a swap key to bring them to thee main window but then there is a blank temporarily and the normally main window is hidden.

Any Video FX Viewer can be used to switch to the source window, if you enable the
Enable Video FX Focus Hotkey" option through the Video FX Editor window, and have a Hotkey for it configured in your Character Set. If your team was created recently with the Quick Setup Wizard, the Hotkey by default will be Alt+Mouse1, so if you were to check the box in the Video FX Editor window, you would just put your mouse over the view and Alt+Left click (Mouse1) to swap to the window. :)

Here's how to find the two relevant options.
Character Set option to enable and set the Hotkey:
1. In the top left pane in ISBoxer, under Character Sets, select your Character Set
2. In the bottom right pane in the General tab, find "Video FX Focus (switch to window) hotkey"
3. Check the box and configure a Hotkey if needed. It's not recommended to just use "Mouse1" if you will be interacting with Video FX and needing to send Mouse1 to the window... (etc)
4. Export to Inner Space

In-game Video FX Editor window option to enable the Hotkey to be used on a given viewer:
1. In game, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+G to bring up the in-game ISBoxer Control Panel window
2. Click on the Video FX Viewer that you want to change or view options for. This will bring up the editor window and select that particular viewer for editing.
3. Tick the Enable Video FX Focus Hotkey box
4. Click Apply
5. Close the in-game ISBoxer Control Panel window to hide the editing interfaces (press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+G again)


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Re: ISboxer & EVE Online

Ok, the click bars...

Firstly I have setup EVE in such a way that watchlist and broadcast are visible. The reason for this is the Broadcast History window in EVE will show all the characters (including the character your viewing it on) all in the same order. This will allow all your characters to lock the same character when you choose to. Shortcuts also work on the Broadcast History window so Ctrl+Click will work as a lock, and Shift+Ctrl+Click as unlock.

This easily solves the first problem of all characters locking the 'need reps' character. You can also use the Broadcast History window to then make sure all toons are Selected on the 'need reps' toon but simply clicking on the Broadcast history. Second problem solved. We are now in the situation where all toons are clicked on the right character but.... one problem [which is actually yet to be resolved] the only toon that is now out of sync is the 'need reps' toon as he cannot target himself and will either be Selection a NPC/Hostile or nothing. Depending on the situation this wont effect your situation - for me it doesnt - however the following logic for unlocking the character could also be assigned to another click bar, or an extra step on the current click bar to remove the 'need reps' toon from the following click to turn on the repper.

So, moving onto ISBoxer. I created a Click Bar very simply as shown in the screenshots. Each of the character names on the Click Bar is a button. When I'm repping character A and he is no longer taking damage I click on the button for character A which initiates the following actions in the first step:

Step 1 - Action 1: Make the button change color to confirm the Click
Action 2&3: Remove the specific Toons/ISBoxer slots that will not need to unlock the target. The two slots will be different depending on which character is getting shot and therefore different for every button. The two toon's you will need to remove are firstly the character A - the one that was getting the reps - as he has nothing to unlock, because he never locked anything and also, if the case may be you have a cap chain, the character that was cap chaining to the character getting shot.
Action 4: Continue onto a new Key Bind which will now modify a Mouse1 'click' to Shift+Ctrl+Mouse1. Now we can simply 'click' again on the broadcast history window of the toon we were repping and the character that no longer need him locked - will unlock him.

I wrote the above and realized it make it sound very, very complicated. The key thing to understand, as you probably know, ISBoxer setup needs to be used very specifically with EVE as its such a click,click,click game rather than keyboard shortcuts or binds.

I run 4 characters, for this example, call them A,B,C & D. I set up EVE in such a way, everytime, that the Cap Chain between them is A-->B-->C-->D. I also set up the Broadcast histroy so that it lists A,B,C,D on each client in the same order.

When I want to spider tank and rep client C, its only A and D who need to lock C. Currently I do this by simply using a repeater on all 4 clients and Ctrl+Click on the broadcast for client C. B will try to lock C, but already has him lock so no danger, and C will try to lock himself but he cant so also no danger**. Once locked I think Click again on the Broadcast which then all 3 clients (A,B & D) will select client C and I can use a repeater (by having the Remote Rep all in the same place on each client) to active the remote rep. This will infact also be sent to client C so he will either try to rep someone he aint suppose to or cant and a warning will just say cant, or he will rep D, his cap chain buddy. Either way it doesnt effect my situation but could be solved with other buttons/binds to stop him activating his rep.

When I have finished repping I use the repeater to just turn off the Remote Rep and the above error also applied but generally doesnt effect things.

ISBoxer's comes into play when you want to unlock the remote rep target. If you simply use the repeater client B will also unlock C and will kill the Cap circle. If you don't use the cap circle then the broadcast history in EVE will do a fine job and ISBoxer/Clickbars are not needed. Simply right click or shirt+ctrl on client C and they will all unlock.

If you are running Cap the problem is you dont want client B to unlock C. What I did was use the a click bar to modify an Action Group to remove the specific clients who do not need to attempt to unlock C. I then modify the repeater to use this new/different action group for the next 'click' while I unlock C and after the 'click' it re-adds the removed client [reset the group] and switches back to normal action group. I also have mine setup so I dont need to use the shortcut shift+ctrl+click to unlock, isboxer keybinds a simple click to do that. Just to be clever.

So, in short....
    client C is shot,
    I use broadcast history to lock client C using a repeater,
    I turn on reps with the repeater
    I turn off reps with the repeater
    I click on a ClickBar on Button C
    Button C changes color to confirm the click
    Button C removes the clients that do not need to unlock C - itself [client C] and its Cap Buddy [client B] from an Action Group,
    The repeaters Target is switched to the new Action Group,
    A keybind is activated to bind Mouse1 -> Shift+Ctrl+Mouse1 to unlock client C,
    I click on client C in the broadcast history,
    The 'click' triggers the removed clients to be re-added to the Action Group,
    The repeater Target is switched back to all clients,
    The Mouse1 keybind is switched off,
    The button is switched back to an original color.

The only clients now locked will be the Cap Chain. This method looks messy, there are alot of key binds that activate themselves and restart but it works very well from the Game interface without keyboard shortcuts . It takes a bit of time to setup each Mapped Key for each Button and the number of Buttons depends on the number of clients but once you get the logic its just changing small details and rinse and repeat.

If more explanation is needed, I'd suggest a chat on Voice Comms!



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Re: ISboxer & EVE Online

could this be done with something simple like a dual (triple in the future) domi setup, with remote armor repps and drones?

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