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Duel Boxing mele?

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Duel Boxing mele?

Im having trouble making this work for my 2 ret paladins. I cant find a way to make them stack properly and not separate while using "broadcasting". Using only keymapping makes it hard to get them both on target, and if i get knocked back its a problem. Is there a way to make them stack perfectly with like a push of a button?


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Re: Duel Boxing mele?

Stacking them on top of each other is not really practical.

I'd recommend setting up independent slave movement, so you can use (WASD) for the main toon and (Arrow Keys) for the slave.
For the most part you'll want to use follow on the slave, and just drive the main.

With just this kind of a set up, you can run your main through a mob.
Possibly hit down arrow on the slave to break follow.
Turn around on the main, so you're now facing the mob.
And if need be, press Up Arrow on the slave to move closer.
Then they're facing each other, with the mob in between.
With a bit of practice, you don't need the arrow keys.

I would look into a "CTM" (Click to Move) & "IWT" (Interact With Target) set up.
CTM is a wow mouse options setting, Escape >> Interface >> Mouse.
IWT is a keybind, Escape >> Keybinds >> Targeting Functions.

You'll need CTM enabled on at least the slave, or both toons if you want to be able to lead with either.
Then just press your IWT keybind (or spam it a little), and the toon(s) will run up to the mob and start auto attack.
At which point, you can press your DPS keys.

In PvE (against mobs), you'll generally only need to IWT to get into range.
In PvP (against players), you'll generally need to spam it, to constantly adjust for movement.

IS Boxer is rather powerful.
You can configure your IWT (mapped key) like this.

Hotkey: Anything.
Execute a step on press or release.
Step 1.
- Do Mapped Key Action... CTM On, All Windows.
- Keystroke Action... IWT (wow keybind) sent to all windows.
Step 2.
- Do Mapped Key Action... CTM Off, All Windows.
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Re: Duel Boxing mele?

Having not worked out IWT yet (I really have to get to that... lol), I've just simply set a keymap up as:

Hotkey: W
Target: Send to all without current
Key-sent: W

Since all my toons are configured to use both the Up arrow and W as a forward movement key, when Keymaps are turned on, I simply press W to move my Rets into range of whatever the Prot is fighting.

The handy thing about that "without current" option of course, is should ever my Prot main die and I take over one of the Rets, he no longer gets the W keystrokes so the mob I'm fighting doesnt try and "back up" as they like to do otherwise, and the Ret I've focused on works just like the Prot I normally use.

I'm assuming IWT tells Wow toons to move into melee-range of a target? (I just haven't had time to research that one yet).


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Post Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:47 am

Re: Duel Boxing mele?

IWT, when used with Click to Move, will move your toon into close enough range of the mob to perform whatever the right-click action (aka interact) is. So yeah, it will move you into melee range if you let it.

As a very experienced melee multiboxer -- my current "main" team is 5 paladins and the previous one was a paladin + 4 DKs -- I can tell you that IWT isn't even necessary for the majority of 5-man content, but it is very helpful in several PVE encounters and even more so in PVP. If all you need to do is get one of your DPSers close to the mob you're tanking, auto-follow works perfectly well for this. Just move onto the opposite side of the mob from your other guy, and hit auto-follow. If you're not used to using mouselook to turn around quickly (quicker than holding left/right turn on the keyboard), then it's either time to start, or box casters instead ;)

It helps to set your auto-follow hotkey to something easily accessible -- I generally spam it (or IWT) along with my DPS key. It's more important to be able to spam IWT if you use it, than to be able to spam auto-follow, though. This is because with auto-follow they will always come to a certain range of you and stop. With IWT, you can expect them to run off a lot. This is actually a bonus for PVP, because I spam IWT and my ret paladins run circles around whoever they're fighting, making them a more difficult target to melee.

Here's an illustration of how my relevant keys are set up. This is on my G15 keyboard though, which makes it a bit easier to get this sort of configuration without being annoying to type etc.


The idea here is that I can simply and comfortably roll my fingers on my left hand over follow-assist-dps or iwt-assist-dps. The trinket button is for pvp if I get feared, etc. I don't need to assist on every roll, but it is more comfortable to roll over 3 keys than it is to repeatedly hit 1 key or even 2 keys. Try tapping just one finger in the same spot over and over and your hand will start to hurt, but rolling your fingers can go on for hours ;) The DPS key does a couple different cast sequences per character so I don't need multiple general DPS keys, and I manual assist instead of auto assist because I personally like it that way. I've got a small handful of other keys that are used in combat for AoEs, etc as needed (not so much AoEs when playing paladins, consecrate is part of my rotation), but that right there is pretty much all that's needed in a typical encounter. So anyway, I am typically spamming either follow or IWT, and usually only IWT if I'm not in, or can't get in, the proper position.

Example .. Skadi fight. The one thing that makes Skadi difficult for a melee team is his whirlwind, which he chases while doing for several seconds. First, I keep my healer standing a short distance away, and I hit a toggle key to stop my healer from doing either IWT or Follow when I hit the key. I usually prefer to play as my tank, so this allows me to spam my follow key while tanking. When he begins to whirlwind, I switch to my healer, hit the auto-follow key, and run away. Everyone follows, nobody gets hurt much because they're on their way to the healer and he's running in the same direction. When whirlwind is over, I hit the IWT key and everyone starts to attack Skadi again. With IWT, I have the option of playing as the healer if I want to, so I don't need to switch back to the tank. I can just sit there and spam IWT and play as the healer for the rest of the fight. Sometimes I do, sometimes I dont. But if I switch back to the tank, I go back to hitting the autofollow key instead of IWT, because it's annoying to watch my guys run in circles in PVE.


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Post Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:57 pm

Re: Duel Boxing mele?

Very interesting. I'm really going to have to look at that - in particular, the ability to "play from the healer" is not something my previous setups have allowed for which I find is an intriguing idea.

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