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Question: Howto Invite characters to my Team?

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Post Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:37 pm

Question: Howto Invite characters to my Team?

Lotro has the /invite command if you manually type it in the chat window.

Unfortunately you cannot invite several chars at once, only one at a time via /invite.

How to setup isboxer to invite a whole team/fellowship via round robin?

ie: combine /invite character1, /invite character2, /invite character3, etc without making multiple separate macros.


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Re: Question: Howto Invite characters to my Team?

So I setup a mapped key which sends ENTER, then the /invite {SLOTx} where x is a number for the other slots, e.g. SLOT2, SLOT3, SLOT4 etc.
The second step is a straight ENTER to the slot, to push it to the CHAT box. Then it starts again.

The acceptance, I do via a round robin on SHIFT+MOUSE1
This allows me to put the mouse in the right position, press SHIFT, and then just click away. For the invites, I tend to switch to the second toon, and do this to accept, because the first toon which issued the invites doesn't have the box in the right spot.

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