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Benefit of Multiboxing LOTRO

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Benefit of Multiboxing LOTRO


I am a former EVE multiboxer and I was wondering how I can benefit from multiboxing in a game like LOTRO?

In EVE I was multiboxing up to 10 mining guys with 1 mining booster which was pretty much self explainatory why I did that... Mine tons of ore in Null Sec get space rich and plex all 11 accounts without any costs.

Now my question is:

LOTRO is F2P. But a F2P account only has 2 character slots and quests and deeds available until the lone lands. That said its about 770 TP in total that you can earn from doing all deeds available concerning the 4 regions available. But to me this doesnt sound too funny because in the end you will have to spend all of those TPs to buy a new region to go on.

With my main account I tend to do TP runs that give about 250TP for 2-2,5hours effort doing all Ered Luin Deeds and most of the deeds in the shire. So it comes to my mind that for the first couple of weeks/months multiboxing lotro it would be wise to just farm a couple of TPs to get more quest packs and expansion before going on.

So right now I am really confused in what would be the benefit of multiboxing in LOTRO with F2P accounts if the first thing you will do is farm your ass off for TPs so you can enjoy the game beyond the lone lands...

Any suggestions?



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Re: Benefit of Multiboxing LOTRO

I depends on your aims really. I tend to multibox LOTRO because
1. I like the lore
2. I enjoy the pace of the game
3. The visuals are reasonable
4. I don't like waiting around for groups for group content
5. I like the challenge
6. ISBoxer is almost a game in itself, and I enjoy making it do what I want efficiently (this is not strictly a lotro one).

If one of those aims was to play the game for free, then it would be a bit more tricky, because, as you've rightly pointed out, it would take a fair bit of farming to be able to get a few more questlines and/or content to make it more enjoyable. That said, if you are farming on 6 accounts rather than 1, it goes a little faster, and plus, later on, if you were wanting to multibox, you'd have 6 accounts with the same level of content. I do have a number of FTP accounts, which have been dutifully farmed through to open up several character slots, get most of the content, and also various other useful items. It took a while, but overall, the time investment was going to be spent playing anyway, so why not.

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