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Boxing Lotro after few years break - many changes

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Boxing Lotro after few years break - many changes

Hello everyone.

Back to boxing - haven't used ISBoxer since version 38/39? or played LotRO in over 2 years... I'm back to a place in my life where I have room again to do both. Lots of changes in the game and the software...

I have a lot figured out with the 7 day trial and the lower levels haven't changed that much (other than the fast track they try to push you through to level up ) but i'm stuck at how to get my healer to heal my tank or party without breaking the follow/assist pass through target? The healer tries to heal the tanks target and when it can't do that defaults to healing himself only.... I made a heal rotation where i spammed keyed healing the tank in steps... step 1 target main slot - step 2 do heal spell on target - step 3 assist main for target pass through -but it isnt working out

Anybody want to give me a peek at their config sheet so i can see how people are doing some of these things in ISBoxer 42?
I just put 100 days on my account - would like to get leveling - I've boxed up to Isengard before - would love to make it to Mordor this time.

Thx in advance


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Re: Boxing Lotro after few years break - many changes

Well, for healing, you generally don't want your healer to be targeting mobs, so I tend to take them out of the group that is receiving the Assist Me command from the main. In the case of the default setup, this would be the Combat Action Target Group (ATG).

Then setup your healing rotation, with the healer targeting who you want. If you are only running around with a duo, then have them target the tank, all the time. And then in the in game options, you can set target forwarding on, so your healer always targets the tank, and when they cast a heal, the tank gets it. When they cast an offense spell, the tanks target gets it. This is a bit of a cheaty method, and you only then need to be concerned when you want to target yourself.

The healer is generally the hardest to really get right. I normally have two rotations configured for a healer. 1 is Party healing, 2 Tank healing. The healer doesn't normally partake in any DPS, unless its something which doesn't require their services.

For individual stuff, I use a setup very much like the one outlined here. viewtopic.php?f=27&t=6593


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Re: Boxing Lotro after few years break - many changes

Thanks Bob - I'll be checking that out for tonight's project :)



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Re: Boxing Lotro after few years break - many changes

This might help a bit too...

For healing, I use the PartyFrame plugin http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info698-PartyFrame.html and the 'Click Healing using "Like a Pro"' method that Alge describes here: http://isboxer.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=12630. The main difference is my buttons are vertical instead of horizontal.

For click healing to work, you need to have all toons' party frames in the same order. To make PartyFrame do that, you need to unload it and reload it once after you form your group. You can do that from the Lotro command line:
/plugins unload partyframe
/plugins load partyframe
Also, I like to have my normal party frames as well, to do that, you need to do a
from the command line.

I've bound all three of these command strings to quickslots as aliases in my Lotro UI http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Aliases_and_Quickslot_Shortcuts and have them aligned in a permanent repeater region in all my windows.

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