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ISBoxer EvE Launcher Auto Character login bug

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ISBoxer EvE Launcher Auto Character login bug


I am encountering a weird issue if i set up my profile to auto log on my characters (using v1.0.0.19). The characters get logged on correctly and most functionalities work, however the solar system/route indicatorin the top left does not load at all. The buttons to show/hide these menus are there, but do not work at all.
This issue does not occur if I launch the account and then manually select the same character. I tried resetting my settings/cache from within the game but it did not help.

Anyone else encountering this issue?


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Post Sun May 13, 2018 3:50 pm

Re: ISBoxer EvE Launcher Auto Character login bug

Going to put this down to "weird shit that EVE does".

It used to be if you logged in characters automatically, the local window wouldn't appear. Now its the ss/route indicator.

Easy answer is don't do that.

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