Post Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:47 am

Game freezing several seconds when switching character

Hello all,

First post here, I hope I'll be able to help others later. I have an issue and I failed to find any clue on forums about it so I post this.

I just finished my setup, everything seems to work fine so far (no broadcast nor parts of UI in dxnothing region at this point) except when I switch characters, I have a complete freeze for about 3 seconds, not sure why. I tested several settings (CPU strategy for example) but nothing helps.

My computer is pretty new, here are some details :

- CPU : i7 5820K
- Graphic : 1080 Ti
- Memory : 48 GB
- Full SSD, 10 TB
- Dual g-sync 1440p monitors

If someone have an idea...