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Mezzing extended target window

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Mezzing extended target window

Is it possible to set up click bars to; target extended target <#> (Mouseover) , cast Mez (left click). Via a video fix from ENC window on tank window? Or is it a function of Menus? How can I set this up? My CC is definitely lacking.

I got the idea watching Alges’ videos about mezzing but was left scratching my head.



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Re: Mezzing extended target window

I know this is a bit late, but I just set this up for myself today so I'll share.

Create a set of mapped keys -> self that send "/xtar 1" through "/xtar 8" or however many you want. For best results make their actions occur on "pressed".
Create a VideoFX sender on the enchanter, which covers the extended target window. Create the viewer whereever you wish.

Create a click-bar. I created an 8x1 bar with cells that are 150x28, which fit for my UI. I positioned the clickbar 20 or so pixels off of the viewer so that I could make sure that things lined up. After I was satisifed on button size/position, I put the clickbar directly on top of the extended target window. In my setup the clickbar is behind the viewer, if that isn't the case you might want to remove the button border or change the border color.

Right-click on each click-bar button and set the left-click action.
Assign the mouseover to be "do xtar1 in whatever_keymap -> enchanter"

To test this, note that we can manually add entries to the extended target window. Target a group member/pet and type "/xtar add". Add a few friendly entries who won't mind having a mez cast their way. Test mouseover target and clicking.

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