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Mouse controlled steering sometimes does 180* flip

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Mouse controlled steering sometimes does 180* flip

If running EQ without ISBoxer, all works great and I can use keyboard or mouse to run and steer fine.
If I run EQ from within ISBoxer, and run with keyboard while steering with right mouse button held, I will intermittently get spun around in a random direction and start running the wrong way.
If I stop right as it done this, I can slowly move mouse back and forth at the angle it happened at, and the window will flip back, and forth, and back and forth...
I have tried a different mouse with no luck. A second computer doesn't have this issue, same UI, Same window sizes

Window layout is 'No Window Layout'
I use all EQ accounts in the same window size that takes up half the width and roughly 85% of height so I can have 3 stacked accts on each side of each monitor. This is the same for my old computer that has no mouse problems at all.

Thank you!


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Re: Mouse controlled steering sometimes does 180* flip

I can't say that I've heard this one in some time, but I believe if you're using a level of display scaling other than 100%, then it can cause issues. Otherwise, perhaps changing the DPI or polling rate of the mouse could alleviate the issue, but I can't say for sure.

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