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EQ1, 2k primary monitor, 4 instances, and lag issues

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EQ1, 2k primary monitor, 4 instances, and lag issues

G'day, all.

Just to detail hardware here:

16GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
1TB SSD (game files are running off this)
Evga GTX970 4GB (primary)
AUS GTX960 4GB (secondary)
150MB down/15 up network connection

I had up until recently been using a 3 monitor (3x1080p, 27") setup which worked fine - all 4 instances of EQ were set to run off my primary (center) monitor, and I never had any problems with it from an EQ standpoint - everything ran fine, I had set each instance to be bound to 2 CPU's (ie. instance 1 had CPU1/2, instance 2 had CPU 3/4, etc), with the GTX970 only serving the single central monitor via HDMI, and the two side monitors driven by a GTX960. My window layouts were all full screen windowed on the primary monitor - again, with no issues, with the background FPS set to 30 with the primary (foreground) set to 60 FPS. I am using VideoFX to show on the primary instance items from the other three (spell bars, the single hotbar menu, character health, etc). The (usual) background instances have been set to use stickfigures as models, with most particle/lighting/etc. turned off or set at the bare minimums, although I do have their memory usage set to Balanced instead of Minimum, and the primary instance having a better visuals (particles, lighting, higher clip plane, etc) turned on.

I've since switched the center monitor to a 27" 2k monitor (2560x1440) - as it only runs Dual-DVI, and the other two 27" are HDMI, I had to share one of the side monitors on the GTX970 as well, with the other working off the GTX960. Now, while running 4 instances at 2560x1440 on the primary monitor, plus the one 1080p monitor off the GTX970, I'm getting horrible response from EQ instances 2-4, with widely varying amounts of lag between them (usually one to two instances are fine, running between 130-180ms, but the other two range anywhere from 600-1570ish ms, which makes it unplayable).

I did check my video card/cpu load - with all 4 instances running, my FX-8350 hits 50% used (averaged across the CPU, but at most single cores reach 65-70% used at any period of time). and the GTX970 uses 70% VRAM usage (and it's load usually only gets to at most 80% used), so it didn't seem like I was GPU/CPU pinned at all. I wouldn't expect the network to have issues (although who knows, it's Windows 10) as I wouldn't expect changing the display side of things hasn't increased the amount/# of packets being sent to SOE/EQ, which is why I didn't think it was a network problem.

I was going to pick up a DVI to HDMI adapter to make sure both side monitors are running off the GTX960 only today to see if it helps, but wanted to post if anyone else has suggestions for me.

(I'll upload a diagnostics of it in case that would help, but unfortunately I'm at work right now, bleh.)



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Post Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:30 pm

Re: EQ1, 2k primary monitor, 4 instances, and lag issues

Did you create a new Window Layout for your team(s) so your new monitor internet reference was picked up in all layouts. Using old monitor references can cause grief. Sometimes you even need to go as far as deleting any old window layouts. If you also have a Computer registered under the computers node, then you'll need that to redetect the correct display references (most people don't have this unless they were using a multi computer setup)

The rest of your issue sounds like Cross Monitor swapping, although I'm not sure you are getting this from your description.


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Post Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:41 pm

Re: EQ1, 2k primary monitor, 4 instances, and lag issues

I did create a copy of the previous layout - instead, I'll just delete both of them and create a new one to test it out this evening. Wasn't using a multi-computer setup, so there shouldn't be anything under the node section.

And yes, no cross monitor - everything is loading on the primary monitor/same video card (ie. it's not crossing between different resolutions/refresh rates).


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Re: EQ1, 2k primary monitor, 4 instances, and lag issues

Moved the 1080p monitor off the 970 back to the 960 using a DVI to HDMI adapter. Nuked the windows layout, recreated as stacked on monitor1 (primary) only. Still experiencing same problem.

I wouldn't expect that moving to 1440p from 1080p would have caused this, but then again with 4 instances of EQ at 1440p, that's another 6.5m pixels it has to drive over the 4x1080p..). GPU/CPU doesn't appear to peg (unless I'm zoning), and unless its something else with my network (will check drivers), I'm at a loss. /scratches head

I can make sure cross-monitor is disabled completely in the Window Layout by setting it to FALSE, so that I know it's not affecting anything, correct?

I suppose I can also try running it as 4x windowed 1080p in the 1440p monitor (stacked) to see how it works.

Or move it instead to one of the 1080p monitors on the GTX960 and see if it works again.

Heck, I'll go reboot my router/switches just in case there's some network sillyness going on.

Edit: Was network jankiness - ISP in area was having issues. Tried today, not having any problems. Don't I just feel like an idjit.

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