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ISboxer method has FPS lag

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Post Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:36 pm

ISboxer method has FPS lag

When i try to make dualbox setup for 2 characters using the isboxer method and its wizards my 2 characters lag i get 12fps total, even disabling options like instant switching and monitor swaping, even turning off CPU management or trying various ones i still lag, But if i turn my clients on one by one using innerspace and EQ2 Default profile both clients have good FPS and dont lag at all, so i cannot figure out what is going on i like having a small game window on my second monitor and being able to switch it with a click.


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Post Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:56 pm

Re: ISboxer method has FPS lag

My FPS is fine with 3 on high video settings, 6 if I use lower Alt video settings, so I will share my relevant config with you (note that I didn't really modify much outside of the wizard).

In the Character Set, I have checked:
Make game believe it's the Forground (must for EQ2)
In-Game ISBoxer and IS console keys
Disable VSync

The rest is not checked.

Each slot uses all cores (I didn't bother micro managing this), 60 foreground fps, 30 background fps.

I use Video FX viewports for the Alts with Instant Swapping, implying that all game windows are overlapped on each other on the main screen and the dxNothing window is on the second monitor.

That's all the relevant settings I can think of. Perhaps something was botched up during ISBoxer configuration. Try creating a fresh profile using the Wizard for EQ2 and see if it allows the game to run well.

Good luck!


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