Post Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:10 pm

Opinions on group set up?

Off the cuff I have.

Tank: Berserker - Ogre
Healer: Fury - Wood Elf
CC: Illusionist - High Elf
D1: ???
D2: Necromancer - Dark Elf
D3: Wizard - Erudite

1. I was told Berserker and Fury fit their roles the easiest, which is not a statement on their whole value.
2. Illusionist is the only class I know something about.
3. If I choose another ranged for D1 instead of a Rogue type am I losing out on Rogue-Illusionist synergy?
4. Should D3 be a class that can 'pull'? Can my Berserker do that instead?

Throw any concepts and realities at me as I can't start much till next week.