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Setup for Questing

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Setup for Questing

I searched like mad but couldn't find an answer to my question:
How do I setup ISBoxer for Questing in EverquestII? I mean easily picking up quests and turning them in?
In WoW it was very easy but in Everquest II I can't find a solution.
Anyone who could share or link a solution for this?
Thanks a lot in advance, Seamus


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Re: Setup for Questing

ISBoxer can only work with what the game provides. So, if EQ2 doesn't have some sort of "interact" command, then you're probably stuck either lining up your mouse cursors and clicking, or switching to each window to loot. This is how people did it in WoW before the interact command was implemented.

However, I don't play EQ2, so perhaps someone has a better answer than I do.

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