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Neverwinter No Longer Multibox Capable?

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Neverwinter No Longer Multibox Capable?

Configured for 5 character slots. Ran the wizard.
Everything loads fine up until the login screen.
Times out after 30 seconds for all accounts trying to connect to account server.
Launching account via arc/neverwinter launcher works fine for all accounts individually.

Ty in advance if i'm missing something. :geek:
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Re: Neverwinter No Longer Multibox Capable?

ISBoxer can only launch the game in a way that works without ISBoxer. I take it you're skipping the launcher when launching with ISBoxer? Have you tried that without ISBoxer to see that it works that way in the first place? They may require additional parameters to locate the account server.

With that said, you can use Add Game to add the Arc Launcher to Inner Space. Have ISBoxer launch Arc instead of the game directly, and follow the procedures for launching any game with the game's launcher.

Basically that means:
1. Make sure the launcher is not already running (exit it)
2. Launch your ISBoxer Character Set
3. The first launcher comes up -- log in and click Play
4. The first game window comes up
5. The first launcher NEEDS TO CLOSE AT THIS POINT. Many game launchers have an option to automatically exit after launching a game; if this is available, that will help a lot.
5a. If it automatically closes, then ISBoxer may be able to launch the next launcher and continue from step 3 automatically.
5b. If the launcher remained open, (Repeat from Step 1!) CLOSE IT NOW. Chances are, ISBoxer will not be able to automatically launch the next launcher -- so what you do is LEAVE THE FIRST GAME WINDOW OPEN, DO NOT CLOSE IT, just simply re-launch your ISBoxer Character Set. ISBoxer will recognize the already-open first game window, and continue launching the rest of the team.

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