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Keybinding issue

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Keybinding issue

HI guys,

long time boxer first time boxing Neverwinter. I have been trying to set up a team and keep running in to the same issue. I can not set the arrow keys up for my movement, and all the page up, delete, insert, end, and home keys are not recognized while using boxer but I can set them when in the actual game. I tried to use the /unbind and found that the enter key wont bring up the chat to reload the character binds.

any ideas?

edit: I can now get the enter key and that to work but I still can not get neverwinter while using isboxer to recognize the arrow keys on my key board. if I try and bind the up arrow for moving forward, it shows the key as 0x 148. I am not sure what to do to fix it.

here is my isboxer config settings.



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Re: Keybinding issue


Are you still having issues?

If you are I would download one or more of the following proven configs and compare to yours:


R, Nodoze

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