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Show me the Money

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Show me the Money

I thought it would be cool to share money making ideas, so i'll start.

1. Leadership

Not much to say as i'm sure everyone knows about this. A Level 20 char with 7 slots earns me about 16K Diamonds per day (Not counting the stuff in the chests which I like to save up and sell in big stacks). This should be everyones mainstay for farming AD, and getting 10+ chars to level 20 leadership really should be a priority.

2. Sharandar

Once per week you can run all 9 quests and do the Arcane Reservior and the Release Feywild Energy for 10 sparks. This gives you enough to make a Lesser Fey Blessing. Costs 20k, sells for 70k usually. So you profit 50K per char. Takes mabye 1hr / 30min dor 250K diamonds. I recomend getting a bunch of these for your main char first though, as you get a lot more runestones from having 3 socketed. And since I can never get our of the way of AOE anyways, the movement is little help to me. More people are doing this now so price seems to be dropping.

3. Master of the Hunt

Not too hard of a skirmish. You should get 1 to 3 Barkshield shards. They are Bound on Pickup so you need to save up 4 and then make a Purple gem and sell it. Cheapest on Auction right now is 185K. This was good before the expansion, might not be viable now though due to coal wards becoming hard to get. I havn't got a single one so far in the coffers. Note: Skirmish event does not give extra diamonds on this one since if you don't get the shard you get 1K Diamonds anyways.

4. Companions

Theres good money if you stock on special companions and sit on them for a bit.
I got my skeleton warriors for about 100K each and sold them for 300K each.
I bought about 10 Ghost Paladins for 60K each and now they are worth 300K. I still have 4 extra that I will sell when they hit 500K. Even Pigs are worth 100K+ now, and were 25K for a long time. i will be getting 13 winter mimics soon and will hold them till the summer.

5. Buy crap with Gold

My chars accumulate a ton of Gold from all the leadership. If you watch the chat people sell stuff for gold, which you can then sell for Diamonds. You can usually get a key for 130 to 150 gold, which will sell for 40K diamonds, or you get to open a lockbox. People also sell purple items for gold, usually cheap, that you can resell or salvage. you won't make a lot, but when you have multiple chars you generate way more gold than you could ever spend.

6. Leveling Enchantments

Savage Enchants are good for this. You can buy a Rank 2 for 5K, and sell a Rank 6 for 70K. Doesn't take long with all the peridots and aquamarines you get from the coffers now. just leave one in your guild bank and have your extra chars refine it. Also a good way to get high level enchants for your main guys.

7. Dungeon Delves

The only one I can reliable beat is the cloak tower. During a Delve thats 7 Shards so lets say 35K for those (More if you get lifesteal or lightning)
Hopefully 2 BoE epics, which you might get another 10 to 40k (BoE T1 Gloves still sell for quite a bit)
Hopefully 2 or 3 salvage epics from the chest at the end, so another 8-12k.
And about 8 skill nodes, so hopefully a blue mark which is another 20k.
So mabye 100K if your lucky for a 45min run.

Thats all i got for now. Hopefully someone has found some other ways.


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Re: Show me the Money

Nice list.

The only thing I do is Leadership across 10 toons and that is enough diamonds for me.

One thing I think I posted in another thread is that with 4 Mailsmiths you can easily unlock another professions slot by running a level 1 mailsmith quest (mass rings?) with all 4 blue mailsmiths, at +25% speed each, you get the 100% speed bonus. It can be done with multiple other crafts as well but mailsmiths was the one I did and then I donated the mailsmiths to my guild bank so everyone could borrow them for the free slot unlock... Folk also have been doing the bonus unlock via multiple purple resources for Alchemy (I think at level 3 or 7) but I haven't personally done that.

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