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Companion Stats

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Re: Companion Stats

Acolyte of Kelemvor Update
Base Run: 4,167 Life Steal
Life Steal after Acolyte Active: 8,317
Kelemvor’s Sword
Total: 7,416
Average Heal: 1,854
Hits: 4 (Pretty Damn Lame, not sure what is going on here)
Even though I bought her just for the active bonus I was hoping all her bonuses would make a nice active pet for the tank. When she casts her blessing it adds about 2000 life steal. She does no DPS though, so never draws agro.
I will do some further testing, because as it stands she barely casts anything. So not sure if she’s bugged, or just likes to wait for you to lose a bit of health before casting. Maybe a Malabog run will liven her up.

For a full Isrix run here are the Stats
Kelemvors Sword: 20,309 Healed, 11 Hits.
Compare this to Lillends Audio Drain: 78,870 Healed over 138 hits (And that heals everyone, including all pets so thats prolly 600K Healed total)
So she casts it about once every 3-4 minutes.
Wish I could test how often she cats the Blessing that gives 10% damage reduction, but theres nothing in Combat Tracker that lists anything. It must not show up in the combat log. Not even sure if she casts it all to be honest. Looks like I bought a useless companion. If you want extra healing go Ghost Paladin or Lillend. Might ask on the neverwinter forums about her if other people know anything.

Heres her gear
Acolyte.jpg (66.43 KiB) Viewed 3271 times


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Re: Companion Stats

lemartes99 wrote:Lillend Update
Run # 1
Audio Drain (Her AOE Heal)
Healed Tank : 26,660
Healed Pet Tank: 62,447 (Damn Neverember guard, holds amazing agro, better than my GF)
Healed Cleric: 19,874
For Reference: 2x Forgemasters Flame on Tank: 36,558

Run #2
Healed Tank: 37,906
Healed Pet Tank: 62,271
Healed Cleric: 18,716
For Reference 2x Forgemasters Flame on Tank: 47,374

Rejuventating Chord
Run #1: 7,299
Run #2: 4,841
Nothing Great, but she only heals when I’m taking damage so hard to gauge.
Audio Drain seems very good though, as it heals everyone.
And just for reference, her Audio Drain does about 100 DPS. Did about 30K damage each run.
Her Song of Life Daily is Pathetic (For an entire run was only like 2k per character) If you buy this pet, plan to use her.
Overall very nice healer. Look forward to an update where I test if 2 of them stack. She’s a little squishy though, but since Pet AI has improved a lot she stays out of most combat pretty well now.

heres her gear
Very cool. How would you compare her to the Paladin? Did we ever confirm if 2 or more Paladins stack?


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Re: Companion Stats

No I haven't upgraded a second one to epic yet, but there next on the list as I work my way through upgrading all my companions. Keep getting sidetracked with other upgrades and ended up diverting funds, but for sure over the next 2 weeks will have a bunch of them at epic as I've definitely decided there going to be one of my 5 active pets since my guys are really lacking regeneration.

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