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LavishGUI 2 menu

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LavishGUI 2 menu

I am working on converting all my custom XML menus to JSON but having trouble getting started. Actually at a complete loss and have no idea what I am doing.

In the menu template in IsBoxer what and how do I set the LavishGUI XML Element?

Take for example something like this:

   "type": "window",
   "title": "The Test Menu",
   "name": "testmenu";

So using testmenu for the element does not work. Do I need something to replace the <ISUI> tag used in XML menus?


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Re: LavishGUI 2 menu

It doesn't work like that...

ISBoxer interacts directly with LavishGUI 1. When you want to load a Menu including with a custom XML template, ISBoxer is going to do so with LavishGUI 1. If you want to use ISBoxer's built-in Menu features, you have to use LavishGUI XML, not LavishGUI 2 JSON. ISBoxer doesn't know how to operate LavishGUI 2.

To use LavishGUI 2, you will either a) load it manually within Inner Space, outside of the scope of ISBoxer, or b) wait for ISBoxer 2

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