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double pumping the digits

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Post Sun Oct 25, 2015 12:45 pm

double pumping the digits

I have a huntard pack of 5 and I was using pet fetch and the pets would lock up. ( I have since switched to a loot-a-rang )
I thought the issues was 5 pets looting at once so I decided to round robin my 0 key that I was using to fetch/loot-a-rang with.
I did the custom menu thing, coping the standard over and renaming to "standard + round robin 0" and round robin the 0 key.

the loot-a-rang complained it wasn't ready so I added text to the macro
/use loot-a-rang
/p loot-a-rang (N)

and I see that each key press of 0 gives me two hits or actuation on each player
-- first press of 0
player 0: loot-a-rang 0
player 0: loot-a-rang 0
-- second press of 0
player 1: loot-a-rang 1
player 1: loot-a-rang 1

if I click on the menu itself I only get one actuation per click.
-- first click
player 0: loot-a-rang 0
-- second click
player 1: loot-a-rang 1

how do I stop the double pumping when I press the 0 key ?


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Post Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:01 pm

Re: double pumping the digits

In the button set, for each button, there is an Action Mode. Try setting that to "On Press" or "On Release".


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Post Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:55 pm

Re: double pumping the digits

Since a click on the menu produces one thing and a press of a Hotkey produces 2 things, I'm going to say the problem is a Mapped Key with the Hotkey you're pressing, not that the Menu Button is set to "Pressed OR Released".

The Hotkey is double-bound. You don't need the same Hotkey on a Menu Button AND a Mapped Key. Or on two active Mapped Keys. One of those situations is what you're running into :)

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