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Multiboxing Guild Wars 2 will get you banned

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2013 6:51 pm
by Prepared
This is a separate post than the one about using ISBoxer because this post involves just playing more than one account with Guild Wars 2. What ArenaNet wants everyone to believe is that you can play more than one account. However, if that is done, they will ban the accounts involved and block it from playing any further. I can go into all of the details about it but it will be a wall of text explaining why. Basically no matter what you do, playing more than one account will get you banned.

Just be warned, ArenaNet are a bunch of a..... holes that will accept your money for buying more than one account and claim on their forums and in the Guild Wars 2 User Agreement that multi-boxing is allowed, but they are liars.

Re: Multiboxing Guild Wars 2 will get you banned

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2013 7:16 pm
by Prepared
If you don't want to know the details, stop here. If you want to know what happened, continued on. This is in reverse order. The first text is the last message I sent to ArenaNet because I was thoroughly disgusted by then.

I see. So you were stuck in what to do about this situation because you knew that I was playing within the rules. Yet you can't say that because so many players have complained and lied to you about what was going on. Now you have to lie in order to cover your tracks and stop so many complaints about a player that is playing within your rules. That is what really happened here. You blocked my accounts when I wasn't online. Your integrity in this matter is low for a company that is involved with the gaming industry.

All you have done is lost a loyal player to ArenaNet. I won't be supporting your company nor any of your games any longer.

Live long and prosper.

Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 18:07:19 -0500
Subject: Account Appeal [Incident: 130515-000198]

Response Via Email (Gaile Gray) 05/16/2013 06:07 PM
Hello xxxxx,

I understand all that you are saying and we appreciate the offer to show us videos of your gameplay. The point is, we do not need to see those videos, for we've already seen and reviewed many, many videos. They, and other elements, were part of the extensive research that we did on this whole matter. We took great care and involved many reviewers to ensure that we looked at the entire situation objectively, professionally, and with an eye to all potential factors involved in legitimate multi-boxing.

Our conclusion and our decision regarding the accounts is as stated previously.

Gaile Gray
Support Liaison

Customer By Email (xxxx xxxx) 05/16/2013 10:12 AM

There is one thing I noticed while watching the video of my characters. Movement of enemies towards me will give the impression to the observer that all of my characters attacked at the same time. That's because the characters will attack at the same time if enemies come towards me from a distance and I see them while I'm standing still. It's because of two things; auto-attack and auto-targeting which the game has. If I begin to press the keys while enemies are in sight but out of range,
auto-targeting takes effect. For example, I start pressing the '1' key to auto attack, the enemies that are closest to me that are running towards me as a zerg will get auto-targeted but won't get hit until they are in range of my characters which will happen about the same time because of movement towards me. It will give the impression to the observer that I pressed one key which caused all of the characters to attack at the same time. I play all rangers with the trait to have 1500 range so they all have
the maximum range possible. That was the only way I could figure the way to play in wvw with the characters I have because of distance.
Even with this anomaly in the game with auto-attack and auto-targeting, I lose just about every time against the same number of players. I have no advantage what-so-ever against any of the same number of players as I have characters in WvW. Without auto-follow, no assist function and I have to press a key for each character to do something; I have roughly a 5% winning
chance of taking up player slots in WvW against the same number of enemy player slots. Even with auto follow, an assist function and the ability to press one key for all characters to do something, I'd have less than a 50% chance at winning against the same number of enemy player slots because of siege. Siege in WvW affects an unlimited number of enemies within an area.

15 May 2013 21:45:18 -0700

A live stream recording of one of my last battles in wvw with my 12 boxing team in Guild Wars 2 is at this link:
If you'll notice, each time a battle was started while the characters were together, they started combat in sequence one after another. Not at the same time. This was because each account received its own key press by me for each action that happened.

Account Appeal [Incident: 130515-000198]
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 15:46:25 -0700

What you have stated is not true. Every single action made by each character was the result of a single key press. At no time was there a simultaneous action that occurred on more than one account for one key press. I press keys extremely fast. Faster than anyone I've ever seen use a computer keyboard. For all characters to do something, I press keys 12 times because I use 12 accounts. If you are able to monitor my
keyboard and the number of times that keys were pressed during my play time, you'd know I was following the rules set forth in the link you provided.
As stated in my original appeal, I have followed the rule as expressed here ... ost1532762 in section 4 of the Multi-boxing post which says "And as stated above, you may not program your keyboard to perform functions on more than one account at a time."

All of my keyboards are very close together as are my screens. I can take a screen shot to show how my screens are set up for all of the accounts. I can also make a video if you're willing to show what I do while the battle is going on with specifics on my fingers. I can prove to you that I am following your rules. However, if you are not willing to allow me to prove this to you, I will have to assume that your rules are inaccurate and that you don't allow multi-boxing at all.

Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 16:51:47 -0500

Subject: Account Appeal [Incident: 130515-000198]
Response Via Email (Gaile Gray) 05/15/2013 04:51 PM
Hello xxxxx,

Each time a player is reported, we review the facts of the case and take action only if the report is confirmed. So please do not worry that false reporting has caused the termination of the accounts in question – that is not what happened.

What did happen was that we conducted an extensive review of the accounts and we confirmed that the activities in which the accounts were involved were in breach of the Guild Wars 2 User Agreement and the Rules of Conduct, as expressed here: ... ing-Macros in Section 4 of the Dual- or Multi-Boxing post, which says: “And as stated above, you may not program your keyboard to perform functions on more than one account at a time. a. For example, if you press W on your keyboard to move forward, a single character on a single account should move forward. The keystroke or mouse click should not perform functions on more than one account.”

Our investigation has established that you were not using a separate action command for each of the accounts, but were using a third-party program that allows you to commit identical actions on multiple accounts with a single keystroke. That is not to say that all actions are committed simultaneously; clearly some actions were individual. However, the simultaneous nature of some actions taken – as established through in-game evidence and observation – is not in accord with our rules. The accounts were terminated as a result of this disallowed activity and, with respect, your appeal for reinstatement is declined.

Sincerely yours,

Gaile Gray
Support Liaison

Customer By Web Form (xxx xxxx) 05/14/2013 07:47 PM
I am playing more than one account and each account receives its own key press by me. I play within the rules posted here ... ost1532762

Once again it appears that players don't understand what I'm doing or maliciously stating inaccuracies about my game play. This happens quite often while in the game as most of the players don't know what the rules are in regards to playing more than one account.

If you will conduct a thorough review of my accounts, you will find that each account is played by me and each one receives its own key press by me. Although this appeal is attached to, here are the other accounts I play which fall under this same appeal:


Re: Multiboxing Guild Wars 2 will get you banned

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2013 7:59 pm
by lax
It sounds like what this boils down to is that they're not capable of determining the difference between 1 key and more than 1 key, and don't care to, and Gaile Gray doesn't want to come out and say that. Either way it is completely disingenuous for them to explicitly say that it's okay to multibox as long as each button you press only goes to one client at a time, and then ban for exactly that. If it were me and I had just recently paid for the game, I would probably issue a chargeback for that sort of bullshit.

I removed any prominence GW2 had on some time ago, although it is still technically supported by ISBoxer. I've also been telling trial applicants who list GW2, that they are less likely to be banned if they actually hack/bot the game than if they are multiboxing it. Isn't that ironic?

Thank you for sharing these details

Re: Multiboxing Guild Wars 2 will get you banned

PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:55 pm
by Ekpyrotic
Charge backs are generally limited to within 90 days. I was banned after that time. They have lawyers to keep them within the law to keep your money. They are deleting posts in the forums to erase what they've said in the past. With a little digging you could show how crooked they're being. I would continue to ask for you money back, and contact ArenaNet and NCSoft in writing. I don't see why they're trying to make ppl sue them so hard. Maybe their layers are board.

Guildwars 2's current stance is to allow you to play a characters on one computer, and have say your wife's computer logged in sitting in town. They have refereed to his as "multiboxing", they ignore what multiboxing was establish way back with Wow started. I imagine there is some argument between marketing and or legal not wanting the support staff to say there is no multiboxing allowed. Allowing multiboxing, then changing to not allowed multiboxing would leave them open to liability by their own admission.

Them saying they "extensively researched" is total bullshit.