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Trouble with EU and US accounts with identical names

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Trouble with EU and US accounts with identical names

Hi everyone,

I'm new to ISBoxer, and I think I've hit a snag while setting it up that goes beyond my current level of knowledge.

I have one bnet account. Under this bnet account, I have three WoW accounts. Two of these are US accounts, one is an EU account.

One of the US accounts and the EU account have identical names. The second US account has a unique name. So, something like this:

    123 (US)
    123 (EU)
    456 (US)

I would like to use my US accounts to get into multiboxing. I do not use my EU account at all.

Here is the problem. I am able to use the ISBoxer setup wizard to create a team of two characters, one from 123 (US) and the other from 456 (US), but when I launch the team, the WoW client automatically logs me into the EU region!

Does anyone know how I can specify that I want to log into the US region only?

I spoke to Blizzard today, but they informed me that they cannot rename or delete an individual WoW account. They can only delete the entire bnet account and all linked WoW accounts.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Re: Trouble with EU and US accounts with identical names

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