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Been using isboxer for a while. Never had really any issues but recently (Maybe last week or so) I have had a lot of freezing. All clients will freeze and i have to restart my pc to get the clients to go away.

I'll be at around 50% usage then it will freeze and not let me do anything on my pc.

Only does it when i go into a dungeon.

wasn't sure where to start on trying to fix it.


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Re: Freezing

If your entire PC is freezing, you have either a hardware issue, or a driver issue. If it's just the game instances freezing and "not responding", I would ask for "Trace Diagnostics" from ISBoxer's Help menu, from a frozen game instance.

Either way here, I would start by checking for driver updates (especially -- but not limited to -- for your video card) and Windows updates.

This could easily be caused by a bad area of RAM, overheating (make sure all fans are still spinning), or other hardware failures.

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