Post Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:12 pm

Low FPS and stuff

so i updated my Graphic today and my fps dropped to 9 fps on 5 man
so ilowered the graphis quality to 1...nope
went into isboxer toolkit and reset my windowslayout...nope
so i went into wow system-advance-graphic api set to direct 11 legacy (had to change this)
went into wow system-advance-graphic card and set to nivida geoforce gtx 1050 (which it was set to auto)
and wow and behold im running at 60fps on 5 man set at level 1 quality
time to up the quality: note uped quality to 4 and still running at 62 fps

also with the new update to isboxerWorld of Warcraft 8.1 and ISBoxer - Fixes and Performance; the sentence :
Please make sure you have Inner Space build 6372 (now live) and ISBoxer 42.8.1214.1
mine is the same except isboxer mine is i need to downgrade it?

seems all is working as it should

oh yea and did you know wow included a direct3d 12 for windows 7