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Regarding my ban from wow

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Regarding my ban from wow

Hey Guys,

I just do this Post to Prevent somebody will get his Accounts banned too. I dont think there is a way to get me unbanned because i already did a Ticket and Blizzards Reaction was Banning even more Accounts. So what happened?

Usually i did 10 Man Farming of Medaillion of the Legion with 120 Toons on my Accounts. As i realized Herbing was actually good again i was farming Legion Herbs/Ores daily for many many Hours always with the same Team of Hunters in diffrent Zones. At that Point my Profile was kinda bad so i just used the Broadcast Mouse to all Windows Function.

Of course i often was Reported by other Players because they thought i was cheating/hacking/botting. Im not angry at those people because they simply dont know whats going on and i can understand that it looks like someone is botting or sth. So some of the rlly "Mad Guys" always whispered me with the usuall stuff. I Always explained myself for what i am doing and linked isboxer forum or stuff like that so they can google for and see whats going on. During whole Legion that stuff kinda repeated over and over again and i was getting lazy in telling them whats going on. At the end of the Addon i took a little break from farming to get new motivation for the coming Addon.

So for the new Addon i decieded to give 20 Toon farming a try. I simply bought alot of WoW Tokens worth the 8x 59€ (? not sure about the Price tbh) with two Fresh Bnet Accounts created over Blizzards Shop payed via Paypal. After creating the Accounts i started farming with 20 Toons on 2 diffrent Servers.

I Wrote myself a Pro Setup Config which took me like 2-3 Days 12h+ with a lot of Custom Bars, Build in Dismounting Weak Aura Warner and Stuff like that. Nothing i developed myself i just Puzzled the things together i learned from Mirais Videos on Youtube or any WoW Addon Guides. Some things that didnt existed in form of a tutorial Video so i just learned to do what i needed from ISBoxer.

So My Setup was 2 diffrent Computers with 1 Mouse and 1 Keyboard for the Input of both Pcs and i just used the Repeater Functions for Broadcasting the Mouse to the Computer i needed it, simple sync Mouse, repeater Target Actions, and interact with Mouseover Keybind with a Variable Keystroke, On one Button for all the 20 Chars. If i needed i was able to block the Inputs of the other Team so they dont attack any mobs or dismount or stuff like that by accident.

So as most if you know its not that easy to run around with 2 Teams of 10 Toons in different Zones/Routes but it was actually Fun and not boring as 10 Man farming is :) My Profit was around 3-4 Million Gold a day and i gave a lot to my Friends and my Guild to boost up our Progression as i always did. So like 3 Weeks ago two Guys where telling me in English Language on a German Server i should enjoy the ban because they Reported me for breaking the Rules. As i was lazy to explain myself my answer was pretty much :

"Yea i know this scenario, nothing will happen" - So i was wrong - next day i got all the 10 Accounts from that Realm banned with Reason "Hacking" as it said in the Email from Blizzard.

So now i would like to know if you Guys think i did anything whats not under the Rules of Multiboxing in WoW. As you all know there are people who run alot more then 20 Toons.

I was a little angry and only logged on my other 10 Accounts the next Day to look if they were getting Banned too for the same Reason? Nope. They were all fine until i decided to write that Email, 3 days after they banned the rest for the same Reason "hacking". :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

So my Intention here i just telling you Guys what i did and what i got Banned for on half of my Toons and after asking why getting 10x banned again. Tbh the Story is not too bad for me as i always have Millions of Gold on several Guildbank with Friends in the Guild who can take what they need and as much as they need. I really dont Care about that Gold i just want me and my Friends have a good Time and dont waste our Time farming for Hours when there is a efficent Way. Most the Time i enjoyed farming. I take a small break now but planning to create 20 new Accounts paid by Gold in the Future. This is getting to long now so i will come to an End. Any thoughts? :?

Does it make sense to share my Profile? Is that allowed here because it is involved in a Ban breaking the Tos?

TLDR: Got 10x Banned, asked Blizzard via Email why i was getting banned with my 10 Accounts? Reaction was not answering + Banning the other 10 Accounts i played with at the same Time. Reason for both Bans is "Hacking" :o
Addons i used: Isboxer, Jamba, Weak Auras + normal WoW Addons, nothing special. All downloaded over twitch app.

Feel free to lol as i did when i realized i made myself banned even more ^^

Have a Good time


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Re: Regarding my ban from wow

I moved and retitled your thread. Your post belongs in the WoW forum as it is about WoW and not how to configure multiple computers with ISBoxer, and you were not banned "for using multiple computers" as your thread was titled. :roll:

Obviously, we are sorry to hear that you had account troubles. We do know that it is allowed to multibox World of Warcraft, with ISBoxer, even on multiple PCs. Many people are doing that right this very moment. Multiboxing in World of Warcraft is allowed: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/11704

As you say they stated to you, the reason given was "hacking". We are not Blizzard and have no access to their files to confirm or determine the reason for your ban. Please don't create a new account on our forums just to try to scare people, particularly by suggesting Blizzard said anything other than what they provided to you.

We get an interesting trickle of people who come and say they "got banned for using ISBoxer and nothing else". Then they tell us what they were doing in the game or what they actually got banned for, and we have to say things like "... well, my friend, you'd get banned for that even without ISBoxer".

So now i would like to know if you Guys think i did anything whats not under the Rules of Multiboxing in WoW. As you all know there are people who run alot more then 20 Toons

This is literally your first post, we don't know you, and we cannot make a judgment about whether you did anything wrong as per WoW's rules. (Which are not multiboxing-specific).

... with that said, usually when you get banned incorrectly from player reports, you can get the ban overturned. It sounds like you tried to do that, but as we have no idea what you said to Blizzard, we won't pretend to know what you told them or what they said in response.


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Post Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:44 am

Re: Regarding my ban from wow

Thank you for your Respond, i totally can understand that. I dont wanted to scare anyone from Multiboxing. Of Course Isboxer is fine :)

This Community helped me a lot, i only was reading/listening all the Time. Without creating a Account i cannot write here :) I did used my Lavish Account ID or sth to create this so think its proofed i dont come here and lie?? Questionmarks in the Topic usually means im not sure what im banned for :lol: - So i was asking if i was getting banned for multiple Pc using not saying i was banned for multiple Pc using

It could have been that somebody has heard about a similar case. Seems im always too good for this World cuz people usually dont act like me 8-)

Means you gave me alot. Getting banned for what other people do too and not saying a word is not in my nature. I dont want anybody having trouble for choosing a efficent way to farm within the ToS of Blizzard

If this not fits in your Forum here just delete it i can reopen and inform people on other websites. Thats totally fine

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