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[Help] Using 2 chars - 2 instances - same raid

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[Help] Using 2 chars - 2 instances - same raid

I tried searching for the answer but I'm not having much luck. I'm trying to take 2 of my druids and farm two instances of molten core (wanting to farm the super rare items). I'm having trouble getting the characters lined up properly. One is lvl 111 and the other is 110 with the same talents and abilities. Even when I try to angle their camera's perfectly and broadcast through both accounts they still end up not moving to the same place. Does anyone have any tips to help improve this?

The easiest method is to have them in the same raid/instance together and have one /follow the other but I'd much prefer them to be farming their own instance of the raid. Makes for killing more of the mobs that have a chance to drop super rare loot.

Edit: Both accounts are using the same resolution (small windows - side by side) and the mouse is pretty much (from what I can tell) on point.

Here's my pastebin of my isboxer setup: https://pastebin.com/L2nx3YVE


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Re: [Help] Using 2 chars - 2 instances - same raid

Broadcasting movement in WoW and other like games, does not work for very long without the toons "going in different directions", different instances will have the same issue.

The game is a 3d world, where the actors (toons) can look and move in any which direction, are subject to differently timed events (mobs/knockbacks/stuns etc), and just the general differences in lag, both input and client/server (which will have a small but subtle, and exponential effect).

The people that do manage to farm different instances deal with the idiosyncrasies.
They use a videofx setup where all toons are driven via a videofx dashboard (otherwise with ISBoxer, the "main" toon may receive input faster than the "slaves" depending on the configuration), and they also ensure all toons run the same in game settings across the board (graphics/audio etc), and are all limited to the same FPS. With that setup it does work reasonably well. It will still have some drift, but will usually be less pronounced. You will still need to deal with the differences that occur in the game play (i.e. aforementioned mobs/stuns/knockbcks etc).


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Re: [Help] Using 2 chars - 2 instances - same raid

Having the same FPS in movement broadcasting helps a lot.

You don't have to farm 2 raids at once now with the personal loot system ;)

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