Post Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:54 pm

Looking for group for Hivemind Testing

If you don't know there is a new riddle that at the end gives you a mount that can carry 5 people.
I obtained this mount as soon as all the steps were discovered since i was in the discord community.
This is a great mount for us multiboxers. Allowing a 5 man party to all ride and gives 10% per toon that rides speed increase for a total of 40% speed boost.
Today I found that they changed this mount already. Saying only the people that did the solve together can join the mount.
What isn't clear to me is if its only the toons that did the solve or if its any toon on that license.
When i did the solve I was grouped with a bunch of random people so I cant message anyone to do any tests.
So far I know that any toon account wide on any license can still summon the mount.
What i cant do is have others ride it anymore.

So I was wondering if anyone here with 2 accounts would like to join me and do this again?
I have 3 accounts so I just need someone with 2 accounts.
I just want to find out if there's a toon restriction on joining the mount or a license restriction

Shoot me a message if you want to do this

EDIT: Been Tested. Need to do this on all your Teams I guess which sucks, but its the only flying mount that can carry more than two. If youre lookin for another multiboxer to do this with shoot me a message. I have at the moment 6 teams of 3 that I would like to take in there to link up.