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A question about team makeup (Been away 7 years)

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A question about team makeup (Been away 7 years)

So I came back to WoW after about 7 years away. I don't have BfA yet, and i do 4 toons at once (Leaving a slot open for a fifth because, well, I don't like just playing alone)

I've been having trouble with team makeup. I did 4 shamans which was alright, but I think if I want to actually control the pace of a dungeon with an additional player I should go to tank/heal/2 DPS. So now it comes down to classes.

Tank (Unknown)
Healer (Unknown)
DPS x2 (Hunters)

Hunters seem the obvious choice for pure DPS as they can shoot while mobile. I was thinking Paladin and Resto Druid or Mistweaver, but I have never played a druid or Monk before. They were just suggestions from posts.

What do you folks thinkg on the other two classes for "Mobile" functions that are decent in my "lazy mode" style of play? (IE. I won't be doing mythics, I just want to clear low content)



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Re: A question about team makeup (Been away 7 years)

Welcome back!

Recently returned to multiboxing myself. The following is with a low-level comp as input, but should be somewhat relevant for what you want and need.

For tanking I am currently enjoying Guardian Druid. It's fairly simple, with straight-forward mitigation-spells. The "rotation" is easily done with key maps. Should fit your needs for a "lazy style" as you called it.

As for healers, I don't have a solid input there as of now. I've only tested Holy Paladin in BfA, which is working fine as of now. It can be a bit wonky at times, but I enjoy the Holy Shock, Bestow Faith and Light of Dawn-spells. Also, Beacon of Light is very useful.

I, like you, am running with BM Hunters as DPS. I run a full group, though, so I have three of them. Like you say they are very mobile with no real limitations on mobility. I am growing bored of them tho, so might run with something slightly more challenging to manage just for the thrill of it. They should do the job you are looking for though.

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