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Follow broken

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Follow broken

Hi guys,

i set up the ISBOXER, and everything works fine, except the following.
I play 3 chars, and i wish that both toons should follow my main.
ALT+F is not working (no Target), and i made a macro for following.
every 5 steps it breaks the follow, no matter what i do..
Running 20m is a pain in the ass, takes me 5 mins and needs to push the macro 10 times a second.

how to make the toons follow, and refollow after combat ?

Thanks in advance



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Re: Follow broken

THe ISBoxer follow relies on the ISBoxer Addon. If the Addon is not loaded/enabled then Follow wont work. If you are on a private server using an older version, then it probably wont work at all, and you should be following the notes here when configuring the team. http://isboxer.com/wiki/FAQ#Will_this_w ... _server.3F The follow on to this, is that you will use the Fn key targeting. (Note the section http://isboxer.com/wiki/Common_modifica ... y_Bindings)

If you are on a retail server, then the ISboxer Addon requires that the Actual Character name is filled out. otherwise, /follow bob, wont work, if you don't have a bob. You also should be grouped.

Also, worth noting, on Wow 8.x (BfA patch), Follow does not work in PvP (warmode). i.e. You cannot follow a toon in combat, and you cannot follow a toon engaged in combat.

So, if you are having trouble, and are not in Warmode, share your profile and we'll see if we can figure it out.


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Re: Follow broken

hi bob

i play on retail server, and the name ist filled out.
ALT+F doenst work, and i would like to play with mouse and keyboard.
i donthave a warmode on, just wanna do the following:

Kill stuff with my group (all same profession/keybindings/Spec and Class) ex. 3 Hunters, and farm some herbs or mine
When i turn on following on each character, i run 3-4 steps and the follow is broken. and so on

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