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Is melee dualboxing more difficult than ranged dualboxing?

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Post Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:53 pm

Is melee dualboxing more difficult than ranged dualboxing?

Complete newbie here on the 7 day trial. I just bought a second WoW account and gave Hotkeynet/Jamba a single evening before moving to ISBoxer, which I tried last evening with my two Paladins.

I have so many questions. If anyone can answer even one of them, I would be grateful!

First, the environment:
- Logitech G600 mouse with 12 side buttons mapped to Ctrl+Num1, Ctrl+Num2, Ctrl+Num3, Ctrl+Num4, Ctrl+Num5, Ctrl+Num6, Ctrl+Num7, Ctrl+Num8, Ctrl+Num9, Ctrl+Num0, Ctrl+Num*, Ctrl+Num-
- Those buttons are my main combat abilities
- Leveling a paladin/paladin combo
- Leveling a priest/warlock combo
- Leveling a rogue/rogue combo
- I haven't yet formed a plan/goal for what to do when reaching level cap.

The questions:
1. Any advice on my specific combos? I know on my main account, I want each of these: Paladin, priest, rogue. Doesn't matter to me which class pairs with each one of these.
2. I'm still trying to figure out what Jamba does that I can't already do with ISBoxer. Jamba can auto-follow after combat. If you use ISBoxer for WoW without Jamba, what do you use instead of autofollow after combat?
3. Is Jamba even helpful for me for only dual boxing? If I don't use Jamba, do I have to hit Alt+F after EVERY combat I'm in, which will be several times per minute while leveling? Can ISBoxer do an "auto Alt+G after combat" followed by an "auto Alt+F after looting"
4. With dual boxing melee, my slave is always behind my main, so when my main is close enough to start casting my melee attacks, my slave is too far away. Is there any way to make them "stacked" on top of each other without broadcasting WASD? My movement is all based on WASD for forward/back/strafe-left/strafe-right and holding right click to turn, and clicking mouse3 to autorun. I've tried broadcasting these, but my slave does not sync up and always runs off in some crazy direction.
5. Do people just not multibox with melee because of the issue of not being able to stack them properly?
6. Did I do the right thing in setting my G600 by using the Mapped Key Wizard to setup 'Straight Key Broadcast' on each of the 12 buttons? They ended up under Key Maps > ISB42 - Combat Broadcast Hotkeys
7. My next step is to set up round robin interrupts, which I haven't done yet but the documentation is clear on, so no questions on this actually.77
8. Am I better off forgetting about doing melee/melee and doing ranged/range dual box instead? What about melee/ranged? Is that too much trouble?
9. I had a lot of trouble simply looting and also turning in quests when I tried ISBoxer dualboxing. I'd have to do Shift+Alt+R to turn on broadcasting and then try to line my mouse cursor up so that it clicks on the NPC or mob on both screens. Instead, do I simply just need to hit Alt+G before looting every mob and clicking every quest giver?

Thank you in advance! If I'm making things too complicated for myself, please let me know! So far, my biggest problems are melee combat, looting, and quest givers.


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Post Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:39 pm

Re: Is melee dualboxing more difficult than ranged dualboxing?

I'm just gonna answer what I can and leave the others.
  1. JAMBA is not mandatory for multiboxing. It helps some people. Others are quite happy without it.
  2. ISBoxer does not have any insight into the game state. ISBoxer's Addon does not do that; there are other Addons that do. If you don't have an Autofollow Addon (JAMBA has this feature), and only use ISBoxer, then yes you need to press ALT+F to follow, every time it breaks. Because there is no insight to game state, there is no "auto" anything. You have to press a Key for a Key to be sent to the game.
  3. No. Any means to keep them completely stacked is going to be in complete breach of the EULA. The normal method is to run a bit further with the main, and then backpedal, or turn.
  4. People multibox melee. They just require a bit more position management.
  5. Mapped keys are there for the making. You make what you need. Most people like the Assist + Broadcast, but just Broadcast works too. As a suggestion you could have selected to put them in the ISB42 - Custom Hotkeys key map, which is a default one for your Custom mapped keys with hotkeys, but it doesn't really matter.
  6. There is a tickbox for Round Robin when creating mapped keys. Depending on the mapped key, if it includes an Assist, then it is probably not quite that simple.
  7. Personal choice. People do what works for them. Depends on your level of ability. A beginner will probably have more initial luck with ranged/ranged, but they do have their own issues, just running up and getting in your face is not one of them.
  8. You can use Interact With Target and some helpful macro commands for looting, or JAMBA-loot, or Faster Loot, or Loot a rang (this one I'm not 100% on). There are probably other options too, but those are the immediate ones which come to mind. https://youtu.be/ItdMaj4DGXs.


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Re: Is melee dualboxing more difficult than ranged dualboxing?

Thanks bob! I read this a couple weeks ago when you posted it, and it helped me set things up properly! Then I had to reformat my computer and did not have a backup of my settings so back to square one as I can't figure out what I did last time.

Anyway, I'll figure it out. I appreciate your advice!!


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Post Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:25 am

Re: Is melee dualboxing more difficult than ranged dualboxing?

Jamba is great, but don't forget how you place your lead in combat if you have follow strobe on as they will often turn away from your target. That was a big oversight on my part for some time.......

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