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Black List Keys on Repeater

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Black List Keys on Repeater

How do I set up a black list of keyboard on the keyboard repeater function?

I.e. when I have the repeater function on, I want to broadcast only certain keys. (example I hate the Esc and map key constantly coming up) but I favor the keyboard broadcast in favor of the mapped keys.


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Re: Black List Keys on Repeater

A white or blacklist can be set up in your Repeater Profile.


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Re: Black List Keys on Repeater

1. Select your Repeater Profile in the top left pane
2. Select "Whitelist/Blacklist" in the bottom left pane
3. Fill in desired settings (Select Blacklist, press keys)
4. Export to Inner Space

Note that this is not any faster to set up (that's really the idea, right?) than using the Mapped Key Wizard to set up Straight Key Broadcasts for the keys you do want sent. It's roughly the same time to set up; in either case you get "press keys here".

But by using this blacklist method you're going to give up functionality. For example, it does not differentiate between your ability to broadcast MODIFIER+key, so if you're wanting to blacklist Alt+1 but allow 1 or Shift+1 to go through, you cannot do that via the Repeater blacklist. Maybe you find that sometimes you really do need to broadcast certain things you thought you wanted to blacklist, etc -- meaning that it would be necessary to set up more than one blacklist and Hotkeys to switch between them.

Instructions for the Mapped Key method ...
1. Select Mapped Key Wizard via the Wizards menu
2. Select "ISB42 - Custom Hotkeys" as place for your new Hotkeys. Note that the Hotkeys here will be toggled by the main Hotkey toggle (Shift+Alt+M)
3. Select "Straight Key Broadcast" as type of key to set up
4. Fill in desired settings (press keys)
5. Export to Inner Space

So in other words... sure, you are welcome to do it the blacklist way, but you're not saving time by doing so, and it gives up functionality. Totally up to you in the end, obviously

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