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Assist Help - 1 slot only active window - WOW

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Assist Help - 1 slot only active window - WOW

Hi All,

I'm struggling on configuring isboxer for wow and I'm looking for some help.

I'd like to have 4 different hotkeys or 4 different click bars for assisting the active window. I'd basically like to cycle through some mobs prior to a pull and have each of my clones targetting a different mob.

Can anyone advise? Do I want to do action target groups? Is there a way to Assign a hotkey to only affect 1 specific window? how?

Ideally I'd like to map

F9 -> Slot 2 -> action "assist main/active window"
F10 -> Slot 3 -> action "assist main/active window"
F11 -> Slot 4 -> action "assist main/active window"
F12 -> Slot 5 -> action "assist main/active window"

Any advice on the best approaches?



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Post Sat Feb 10, 2018 5:10 pm

Re: Assist Help - 1 slot only active window - WOW

You will need to make yourself some manual mapped keys.

This will involve some right clicks.

The problem with the above, is that it is really tied to the slot 1 being the active main.
You could, instead of selecting a Slot in the drop down for the Target, change it up to use an Advanced Target (you can just type these in), which would be something like
replacing the #1 with #2, #3, #4 as needed (assuming 4 slave toons).

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