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Cannot Create Flash Projector

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Cannot Create Flash Projector

I am trying to create a standalone .exe for ROTMG in flash projector 11.3. When I load the game and try to create a projector, I don't have the option.

What am I doing wrong? Why wont it let me create a projector?




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Re: Cannot Create Flash Projector

Very interesting, 11.3 won't let me use Create projector on... anything.

That's okay, there is a simple alternative!

Instead of creating the projector, like "myROTMG.exe" as in my original instructions, and pointing Inner Space at that...
point Inner Space at Flash Player 11.3 (flashplayer_11_sa.exe) and paste the ROTMG URL (the same one from http://isboxer.com/rotmg.php) in the Parameters box.

This should then work the same as if it were done via a projector.

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