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Main cannot find second PC

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Main cannot find second PC

I am currently setting up multiple PC's to multibox on World of Warcraft. Now, I am using one main PC that runs on Ethernet(Main), and another one that runs off of Wifi (Laptop). I was hoping someone could help me because the main PC doesn't detect the Laptop, however the laptop does detect the main PC. Even though I don't even have "Enable incoming connections on port 10101" enabled on my main. Could someone help me out?


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Re: Main cannot find second PC

ISBoxer Toolkit connects on 10102. It does this via a broadcast process over your lan. As you've already established that you can have traffic over WIFI and LAN, then it is more than likely that your laptop has a firewall which is preventing the traffic.
It is also possible you may also need to turn on File and Printer (or Network Discovery) on your computers (check to see if either have it turned off), and make sure the Network is identified as a Private network (and not a public one).

If in doubt, then disable your firewalls on your computers (not your router) and see if that makes any difference. If it does, then you may need to setup some advanced rules for the ports.

InnerSpace will connect on 10101. If you have any issues Launching your character sets at the end of the setup process, this is when this port is used.

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