Post Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:57 am

FX Vidoeo other sources PID scan ?

I have been trying to get some viewers going to watch movies etc. in one of the blank areas of my game spaces and I noticed I don't always see all the possible process that might hold the video I am trying to watch. So my question is kind of two fold.

The ones that work pretty well consistently is mpc-hc and firefox. I can make a 1920x1080 window and it works well. the ones I can not get are just about anything from Internet explorer or Microsoft edge and Windows Media Player they seem to spawn a sub-process that innerspace just doesn't see when I launch dxblank.

Leaving aside if I will actually see any video. what I am asking is how do you get innerspace or the dxblank window to refresh the processes? if I launch say a new instance of MPC-HC and the dxblank is already up 9 out of 10 times I cannot see the new instance. Should there be a re-read button to rescan processes or do I have to relaunch dxblank and or innerspace ? So maybe a feature request ..rescan PID's Button? The clear and sync viewers buttons don't seem to do anything with that.

The other question is this a bug I should be reporting?
As an example at this minute I have Netflix up in Edge with the processes as : microsoftedge.exe 6452 and microsoftedgecp.exe 6452 which appears to be the video process. and using process monitor it seems to spawn 3 more processes mfpmp.exe. The point of all that is ..when I go to add a source in dxblank none of those processes are listed I would think I would see edge at least it is a process that has a window frame. With internet explorer it is similar with the exception I can see the top level process but the sub-process doesn't show and It does not hook the video container(process) at all from the top. Lastly Firefox, will work great also most of the time at least with Netflix (which is all I have tried) and it also spawns a sub process container. I am guessing at least with edge I don't see any processes because it doesn't spawn inside explorer.exe. So is this something that needs bug reported or is it just another windows idiosyncrasy.

Ok three fold ...what exactly is innerspace scanning for process wise. I don't get 50 or so processes that are actually running so how does it discriminate and is that configurable somewhere? If it is just explorer.exe then should I get all the processes not just the top level one ?

WIN10 pro btw.