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Question to VideoFX and Repeater

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Question to VideoFX and Repeater


I 5-boxing WoW and have a lot of fun to create various groups and combinations and play with this. By the "config like a Pro" system and Alge's "Healing like a Pro" it's now incredibly easy. Oh I like it. :D

Only "downside" - The VideoFX and the Regionsrepeater should always set again.
My goal: One Characterset and just put the Chars in, export, play.

All my tanks (5) are on account Wow1, all my healers (5) are on wow2 and DDs on wow3 - wow5. In Isboxer the tank is always slot1 and healer always slot2.

All my healers have the addon Decurse installed, all at the same place and in the same size. Source of VideoFX. On the tank the viewer with clicktrought.

Brief explanation
charactesset: Dungeon
Slot1: Tank1
Slot2: Heal1
Slot3: DD1
Slot4: dd17
Slot5: DD23

Now when I open the isboxer-Gui, set the video source (in slot 2) and make the viewer (slot1), in ...\...\innerspace\Scripts the files will be created:

If I copy the file .Tank1-Realm.xlm on .Tank2-Realm.xlm up to .Tank5-Realm.xlm same with Heal1 -> Heal2 - Heal5 and DD1 to DD2 - DD25 then any possible combination would be covered.
Classic task for a small script otherwise be difficult to change.

Under the described limitations (there are never 2 healers = same video source) in the Characterset, is this approach ok?
Is there anything to write in somewhere else?
I bring the system with this procedure in something like a "undefined state"?

Thank you for reading - have fun


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Post Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:44 am

Re: Question to VideoFX and Repeater

Your approach is OK given the group composition you describe.

A better solution is to create your Video FX in ISBoxer using some Mapped Keys that do Video FX Actions. There is even a guide. The guide is a bit old now but should cover everything you need to create your Video FX viewers and sources in ISBoxer Toolkit without touching the ISBoxer GUI.


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Re: Question to VideoFX and Repeater

Oh thank you

I tryed this and It works very well . :D
There is still some positionwork to do, but this is much more sophisticated than my original method.

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