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Rift questions

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Rift questions

Hi Everyone,

Thinking of getting into this game again. I played briefly a few years ago - got a team to level 10 or so I think.

I have a few questions before committing.

1 - How is this now for boxing in terms of following, targeting, assisting.

2 - How much of a time investment am I looking at - would I have to play years worth of catch up.

3 - Are end game dungeons possible to 5 box. How tough compared to say Warcraft. I played Warlords of Draenor and was able to beat all the 5 man dungeons. Haven't tried the new expansion though.

4 - How far can a free account go. How much does say 10$ per month / per account get you in this game. Is there a VIP system ?

5 - Any multi-box friendly guilds in this game ? Is there content for large teams - 10+ man stuff ?

I have been playing Neverwinter the past 2 weeks but am now rethinking things. I've read several reports of Cryptic/PWI banning for multi-client reasons and am not sure I want to invest the enormous time sink that game requires if there's a risk a GM can turn off my accounts. Thinking of either Rift or returning to Warcraft.


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Re: Rift questions

1 ) all fairly simple via macros and enable cast target of target is another option.

2 & 3 ) Getting to level cap aint bad, but that's when it all starts, your eternal weapon (BiS) is entirely Quest gained and leveled, getting it to 4th top stage will take time, but should actually work great for multi boxing, all shared counts, except leveling the minion, and even that would multi box nicely with minion sender add on. Third last section is 100 dungeons. Not sure dungeons will work boxing, much more mechanics than the old days, depends if your a normal person or have 20 fingers. Next stage is 16 easy mode TD raids. you may get off with 3 dps boxers at a time in the dungeons with a friendly healer and tank, but controlling 3 roles now in that content would be ambitious. At this point the weapon is at the happy plateau most folks go for, it gets its nice stoof. There is one more stage, tnad that is 16 kills of the last boss in iROTP raid. Unless your a squid you aint multiboxing that. Crafted helmet and ranged are also BiS, and after being crafted its all shared count open world quests to upgrade them, so works well.

4) The free to play aint bad, but progression is much faster as a patron, you get about 40% xp , coin, currency, reputation bonus as patron. $10 account would only get you patron if you were paying a year in advance, I think its about 30% more for month by month, not sure exavtly as I deal in UK pounds. Patron dose givve a lot of bonuses though, a free teleport each hour, no soul mending fees after death, little things that add up.

5 a) Weve had multiboxers from time to time in Dharma on Hailol (NA shard), so no probs with them here, just trying to get back into it myself after I overcome some technical difficulties.
5 b) Limited, Nightmare rifts, crafting rifts zone events could all go very well for 10 man, but 5 man is probably better suited to the game. I'm actually planning on just dual boxing when not leeching my old box accounts back to 70, but thats just because Im getting old and lazy :)

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