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Windows Stuck In Home Position

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Windows Stuck In Home Position

...I have the same problem, but I see no solution and this is a very old issue?
my GlyphClient.exe and riftpatchlive.exe are in same folder if that matters.
I load the set of 3 game instances in char set and the main window just stays on monitor one while the other 2 instances pop behind it when selected, which totally defeats the purpose of having the others open as I can't do anything on the other instances including pressing the play button on character screen.
my config: https://pastebin.com/2y9a1HdP


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Re: Windows Stuck In Home Position

I split your topic from the other 3-year old topic because it's old, and it's unnecessary to necro old threads that sound like similar issues—it's preferred that posters just start a new thread if there isn't anything recent.

Anyway, what you describe sounds as if you're using the same launcher to launch all three of your game clients. I'll ask if you're shutting down the Glyph client after each game client is launched, therefore allowing a new Glyph client to start? If you launch all of the game clients from the same launcher, then Inner Space thinks it's just launching the same Slot of a Character Set over and over again, which is why every game client would be stacked in the same position of the Window Layout.

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